Worthy of a Queen

Exhibition  /  27 Sep 2019  -  15 Dec 2020
Published: 15.10.2019

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A small exhibition, created in collaboration with Copenhagen Goldsmiths’ Guild, will dazzle guests with jewellery and objects in gold and silver commissioned by or for H.M. Queen Margrethe II.

Artist list

Nicolai Appel, Sigvard Bernadotte, Claus Bjerring, Kim Buck, Louise Frølund Bech, Arje Griegst, Torben Hardenberg, P. Hertz, A. Michelsen, Nanna Obel, Marie Rimmen, Georg Jensen Sølvsmedie
Love gifts and utility items
The exhibition highlights rarely told stories about the work, providing an extraordinary insight into the crafting processes – often in interaction with the Queen herself. The exhibits range from jewellery and cutlery to incredibly special objects, created by goldsmiths and silversmiths like Torben Hardenberg, Claus Bjerring and Nicolai Appel. Among these, her Majesty’s famous flower tiara in Greenlandic gold, which she wore to Crown Prince Frederik’s 50th birthday celebrations, as well as the daisy patterned toilet set, created for the then heir to the throne’s 18th birthday.
A very special aspect of the exhibition is the Royal couple’s love gifts to each other, including the Nautilus cup, which the Queen gave to Prince Henrik on the occasion of their silver wedding anniversary.
Worthy of a Queen exhibits both ornamental objects and personal pieces, such as love gifts, but also utility items, such as a toilet set and a Margrethe bowl in silver. This shows the realm in which our Royal family operates in, namely at the crossroads between the reverent and the popular, says curator Mirja Thaulow.

Three great talents
The exhibition also presents the work of the three Skt. Loye Award 2019 nominees. The award will be presented to one of Denmark’s up-and-coming talents, and this year the theme is Worthy of a Queen. Nanna Obel’s contribution comprises a series of brooches mounted on a large silver collar; Marie Rimmen has created a series of necklaces, while Louise Frølund Bech will exhibit a collection of rings.
The established exhibitors featured in Worthy of a Queen were also once newly hatched artists on their way to promising careers. One of the most important tasks of the Copenhagen Goldsmiths’ Guild is to pave the way for new talents within the field – talents who deserve a professional pat on the back. The presentation of the 100,000 kr. Skt. Loye Award serves exactly that purpose, states Master of the Guild, Diana Holstein.
The Skt. Loye Award will be presented on 26 September at the National Museum of Denmark - and on the same day, H.M. Queen Margrethe II will attend the opening of the special exhibition at Christiansborg Palace, where the work of the three nominees will be on display.

Worthy of a Queen
From 27 September to 15 December 2019, approximately 30 exhibits will glitter in unison with the golden splendour of H.M. The Queen’s Reference Library in Christiansborg Palace, which provides a beautiful and appropriate setting for the exhibition.
The exhibition is a part of the regular admission ticket to The Royal Representation Rooms, which also includes access to The Great Hall featuring Bjørn Nørgaard’s tapestries.

About the Skt. Loye Award:
The Skt. Loye Award, which was presented for the first time in 1989, is orchestrated by the Copenhagen Goldsmiths’ Guild. The award is presented to up-and-coming goldsmiths, silversmiths, jewellery artists, craftspeople and designers who display exceptional skills and talent within the field of jewellery and silverware. In 2019, participants presented work relating to them Worthy of a Queen. The winner will receive 100,000 KR.
The Skt. Loye Award 2019 jury consists of Diana Holstein, jewellery designer and Master of the Guild; Thomas Thulstrup, Director of The Royal Danish Collection; Margrethe Vestager, European Commissioner for Competition; Bjørn Nørgaard, sculptor and artist; Lone Løvschal, silversmith and board member and Christine Bukkehave, goldsmith and winner of the Skt. Loye Award 2015.

About Copenhagen Goldsmiths’ Guild:
Copenhagen Goldsmiths’ Guild was founded in 1429, by King Eric of Pomerania and Queen Philippa and is the oldest guild in Denmark, and possibly the world. One of the guild’s main objectives is to present grants
and awards to practitioners, who show exceptional talent, and provide financial support to cultural events related to the goldsmith and silversmith field.

About Christiansborg Palace:
Christiansborg Palace is located on Slotsholmen, in the heart of Copenhagen – close to Tivoli, Støget (the shopping street) and the National Museum of Denmark. The palace comprises five attractions in one: The Royal Representation Rooms, The Royal Stables, The Royal Kitchen, Christiansborg Palace Chapel and the ruins beneath the palace. Christiansborg is sometimes closed due to official events, so please check opening times at, beforehand.
Nicolaj Appel. Tiara: Naasut, 2012. Greenlandic gold, brilliants.. Photo by: Per Johansen. Nicolaj Appel
Tiara: Naasut, 2012
Greenlandic gold, brilliants.
Photo by: Per Johansen
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Claus Bjerring. Cutlery: Gold Cutlery, 1992. Gold in different alloys.. Photo by: Egon Gade. Claus Bjerring
Cutlery: Gold Cutlery, 1992
Gold in different alloys.
Photo by: Egon Gade
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Louise Frølund Bech. Ring: To wear a Crown, 2019. Marble, gold.. Photo by: Thorkild Jensen. Louise Frølund Bech
Ring: To wear a Crown, 2019
Marble, gold.
Photo by: Thorkild Jensen
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Nanna Obel. Piece: A Queen…Worthy of the People’s Love, 2019. Silver, gold, enamel, different precious stones, pearls, diamants.. Photo by: Thorkild Jensen. Nanna Obel
Piece: A Queen…Worthy of the People’s Love, 2019
Silver, gold, enamel, different precious stones, pearls, diamants.
Photo by: Thorkild Jensen
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Marie Rimmen. Neckpiece: Queen of the Night, 2019. Silver, white gold.. Photo by: Thorkild Jensen. Marie Rimmen
Neckpiece: Queen of the Night, 2019
Silver, white gold.
Photo by: Thorkild Jensen
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Exhibition venue. .
Exhibition venue. 

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