Yong Joo Kim at ARTMINING Milano 2019

Exhibition  /  09 Apr 2019  -  14 Apr 2019
Published: 08.04.2019

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Under the theme of Best Korean Contemporary & Decorative Arts and the section of Pure - Delight - Passion, Yong Joo Kim’s necklace and wall piece art work will be showcased at ARTMINING-Milano 2019.
About ARTMINING Milano 2019
A driving force for changing the world is emerging thanks to ideas that have burst through the boundaries of thinking, combining different things to seize onto something new. South Korean contemporary art has continued to yield ever-distinctive voices in astonishingly different ways, drawing notice for its value of contemporariness. ARTMINING has the core vision of working steadily to increase global activity by Korean artists and opportunities to share their work with the rest of the world, adopting a living art approach to share Korea’s distinctive aesthetic sense and beauty in a way that transcends genre, time, and space. It is a method of curation in which artwork is presented by using space as a larger vessel to capture a diversity that could never be reduced to any one thing.
The 2019 ARTMINING-Milano exhibition will offer a condensed landscape showing the entire process of something being achieved within the nothingness of empty space, using chromatic emotion (pure: white; delight: yellow and gold; passion: red) to encompass the passion of creation the artists bring as creators of their work and the universal feelings inherent to human existence. 2019 ARTMINING-Milano will be an exhibition that brings together in one setting works of Korean contemporary art, crafts, and design in which sensory layers beyond the strata visible to the eye come together to form unions. In this way, they give voice to the artists’ lives, fill the gaps in their existence, and speak to the richness of an aestheticized every day that ushers improvements to our values for living.

Participating artist list
Ceramic: Suk-Young Kang, Kang-Hyo Lee, Kyung-Kyun Shin, Hun-Chung Lee, Ju-Chul Yoon, Yoon Sol, Hee-Sook Ko, Se-Jin Bae, Young-I Kim
Ottchil (Korean traditional lacquer): Hae-Jo Chung
Sculpture: Seung-Woo Hwang
Painting (with craft material): Il-Hwa Kim, Hyun-Sik Kim, Myoung-Wook Huh, Sung-Pil Chae, Kuk-Won Woo, Seung-Yoon Choi, Ye-Rim Lee
installation: Seon-Ghi Bahk
Wood & Metal: Young-I Kim, Hyun-Ju Hong, Soung-Chuel Park, Joo-Hyung Park, You-Jin Um
Art Jewelry: Yong Joo Kim, Hee-Ang Kim
Yong Joo Kim. Wall piece: Isoclinal No. 2, 2018. Hook-and-loop fastener.. 54 x 43 x 20 cm. Photo by: Studio Munch. From series: Studies in Exeru Formation. Alternative view.. Yong Joo Kim
Wall piece: Isoclinal No. 2, 2018
Hook-and-loop fastener.
54 x 43 x 20 cm
Photo by: Studio Munch
From series: Studies in Exeru Formation

Alternative view.

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Yong Joo Kim. Necklace: Varied Degree of Directed Protrusion No. 1, 2019. Hook-and-loop fastener, thread.. 50 × 30 × 7 cm. Photo by: Studio Munch. Yong Joo Kim
Necklace: Varied Degree of Directed Protrusion No. 1, 2019
Hook-and-loop fastener, thread.
50 × 30 × 7 cm
Photo by: Studio Munch
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