Exhibition  /  31 Oct 2006  -  29 Nov 2006
Published: 26.02.2007
Gallery Funaki
Lisa Walker. Brooch: Untitled, 2006. Plastic, glass, fabric, thread, steel-wire. Lisa, WalkerBrooch: 2006Plastic, glass, fabric, thread, steel-wire. Lisa Walker
Brooch: Untitled, 2006
Plastic, glass, fabric, thread, steel-wire

Lisa, Walker
Brooch: 2006
Plastic, glass, fabric, thread, steel-wire

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Artist list

Lisa Walker and Henrietta Schuster

One issue of my work is a study into the differences between an acceptable notion of beauty or stereo-type, and something else – the search for an aesthetic that we hardly ever see, but nevertheless perhaps recognise.

My work is reactionary, consciously active with influences from all walks of culture and life. The pieces are often laced with references to contemporary jewellery of the last 40 years, questioning and researching what jewellery means, what it can be.

Lisa Walker, 2006

One aspect of my work involves research into the relationship and co-existence of two elements - an examination into the traits of this connection.

While searching for a more spontaneous way of working in my recent work, I approached this issue on a formal, more sculptural level. The pieces are one-off and developed spontaneously, they cannot be repeated.

Henriette Schuster, 2006

Henrietta Schuster. Pendant: Untitled, 2006. Silver, linen thread. Henrietta, SchusterPendant: 2006Silver, linen thread. Henrietta Schuster
Pendant: Untitled, 2006
Silver, linen thread

Henrietta, Schuster
Pendant: 2006
Silver, linen thread

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