Adam Grinovich Lecture: NSCC

Lectures  /  22 Feb 2013
Published: 20.02.2013
HDK – Högskolan för Design och Konsthantverk

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Adam Grinovich, jewellery artist and designer, talks about his work.
My goal artistically is to investigate the intimate and the profane. I am interested in personalities, in the plastic function of human beings, in the value of context. Jewelry can be both intensely intimate and aggressively social. I am not interested in fashion. I am not interested in the politics of physicality. I am interested in moments, and the incongruity of every human, and the objects that bridge the gaps between who we are when we are vulnerable and who we are when we are unbreakable.

Adam Grinovich is one of the founders behind A5, an ongoing investigation into jewellery, the body and the role of contemporary craft. The lecture is in English and Swedish and open to public.