The alchemical at Shanghai. A lecture by Nichka Marobin

Lectures  /  Exhibiting   Curating  /  18 Oct 2018
Published: 10.10.2018

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As the curator of the exhibition “The Alchemical Egg”, held in Barcelona and Paris, the lecture will illustrate the passages and the cultural aspects of the whole project.
Nichka Marobin  is a Dutch and Flemish Art Historian, Independent Curator.

Starting from the details taken from the works of the Flemish painter Jheronymus Bosch (1450 ca. -1516) and the concepts of Western alchemy, the speech will show how four contemporary jewellers (two goldsmiths and two enamellers) interpreted the three stages of the Alchemical “Great Opus”, in details “nigredo” (blach phase), “albedo” (white phase) and “rubedo” (red phase) and the idea of transformation of the matter.

The lecture will focus on the Triple Parade theme Past and Present.

When: 18th October at 19:30 h.
Where: Dark Room, College of Design and Innovation, TONGJI University Shanghai.
Mediator: Prof. Jie Sun (D&I. Tongji University Shanghai, National Distinguished Expert).