Artist Talk: Areez Katki. Thieves' Market

Lectures  /  04 Feb 2021
Published: 04.02.2021

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Thieves' Market is a visual inventory that catalogs exhumed, stolen, and reclaimed ephemera from the perspective of a postcolonial observer. Areez Katki will discuss his exhibition Thieves' Market, which opens at The National on Wednesday, 3 of February.

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Areez Katki
The 45 tapestry fragments in the exhibition were hand-woven by Katki using a Zoroastrian beadwork technique the artist has taken over three years to research and inherit from members of his matrilineal family.

Obfuscated, cropped, pixelated - a faint representation of objects, historic figures, and landscapes that have been subject to rupture or theft from Indigenous dominion. Katki's Lot. works are composed into 14 clusters of a fragmented frieze, presenting a way to view the worlds of Ancient Persia, Greece, and India through a pixelated lens. They question how the intervening hands of colonizers, their archaeologists, museum institutions (gatekeepers of the dominant culture) produce hegemonical systems of violence.

Time: Wednesday, 4 Feb, 12 pm UTC+01.
Free entry.