Artist Talk by Marion Delarue and François-Xavier Richard in New York City

Lectures  /  26 Nov 2019
Published: 18.11.2019
Artist Talk by Marion Delarue and François-Xavier Richard in New York City.
Noguchi Museum
Brett Littman
François-Xavier Richard. Drawing: Untitled, 2017. Ink on Japanese paper.. François-Xavier Richard
Drawing: Untitled, 2017
Ink on Japanese paper.
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Join us for a conversation co-organized by the Villa Kujoyama and the Cultural Services of the French Embassy, featuring the contemporary jewelry artist Marion Delarue and the artist-designer François-Xavier Richard.

Artist list

Marion Delarue, François-Xavier Richard
The museum founded in 1985 by Isamu Noguchi (1904–1988), one of the leading sculptors and designers of the twentieth century, the Noguchi Museum was the first museum in America to be established, designed, and installed by a living artist to show their own work. Widely viewed as among the artist’s greatest achievements, the Museum comprises ten indoor galleries in a converted factory building, as well as an internationally acclaimed outdoor sculpture garden.

Isamu Noguchi’s wide-ranging artistic achievements across sculpture and design were deeply informed by his travels around the world, including important periods working in Paris and Japan. In this spirit, the Villa Kujoyama’s artists Marion Delarue and François-Xavier Richard will discuss their ongoing research and experimentation with Japanese craft techniques that informed projects realized during their residency at Villa Kujoyama in Kyoto, a renowned artist-in-residence program dedicated to facilitating French and Japanese cross-disciplinary dialogues.

This conversation will be moderated by Noguchi Museum director Brett Littman joined by Villa Kujoyama expert consultant Sumiko Oe-Gottini.
Marion Delarue. Object: Gensō 2, 2019. Snakewood.. Comb. Marion Delarue
Object: Gensō 2, 2019

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