Aurélie Guillaume's Residency Experience. A Foreign Apprentice in a Traditional Enamel Factory

Lectures  /  27 Oct 2019
Published: 25.10.2019
First at the enamel factory in early September..
First at the enamel factory in early September.

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Counting down to the end of October, Aurélie Guillaume’s artist residency program at RMS, which has been lasting for two months, is coming to an end. We’re honoured to accompany Aurélie to learn traditional cloisonné techniques in an enamel factory, living and working together with the craftsmen.
In the workshop, Aurélie will bring us a lot of new and interesting knowledge of enamel creation, allowing the students to experience the beauty of art and fall in love with enamel craftsmanship. In order to let more people better perceive Aurélie’s residency experience in the enamel factory, we will invite Aurélie to come back sharing her learning and creation outcome, and exhibit some of her works.

We hope our followers who concern about RMS and like Aurélie’s works can personally witness what happened in these two months.

Time: 27th of October, 2019 (Sunday), 2 pm - 6 pm.
Fee: RMB 50/person, RMB 38/person for previous RMS students.
The number of participants: 30.
Venue: 5A905, Yinfeng Jiayuan, Jiuxianqiao, Caihong Road, Beijing.
Please reserve your seat in advance via the email.

About the lectures:
1. First at the enamel factory in early September.

Aurélie Guillaume is a French-Canadian jeweller, enamellist and illustrator from Montréal. After completing her diploma at École de Joaillerie de Montréal, she went on to pursue her BFA at NSCAD University where she majored in jewellery design and metalsmithing. Upon graduating, her work was selected as the winner of L.A. Pai Gallery's 12th National student jewellery competition in Canada and was shortlisted for the BKV Prize in Germany. Aurélie's work has been exhibited both nationally and internationally throughout North America and Europe and has recently been acquired by the Enamel Arts Foundation in Los Angeles, California, as part of their permanent collection. She is now residing and working in Chicago at the Lillstreet Art Center as the artist in residence until the end of summer 2017.

2. Aurélie Guillaume at RMS enamel workshop.
During this residency program, Aurélie designed a five-day workshop for RMS’s previous students. Unlike her earlier workshops in the U.S. and Canada, in addition to wiry enamel, coloring, polishing and drawing underglaze lines, Aurélie also guided the students to complete the design and production of the back structure and pin, so that made all students could bring a complete work home this time. Aurélie explained and demonstrated the whole process of enamel creation with great patience and humor, which highly inspired the students’ creative ideas and improved their ability to deal with details.

Classroom demonstration.

Aurélie is giving one-on-one instruction on the design.

A student in the creation process.

Absorbing ideas from previous Canadian students’ works.

Student work.

Student work.

3. Aurélie at Enamel Factory.
While participating in the RMS jewelry artist residency program this time, Aurélie, accompanied by Dandan Xing (RMS manager), lived and worked together with the famous Chinese cloisonné masters and craftsmen. After learning about traditional cloisonné techniques, Aurélie integrated some of them into her own creation.

Aurélie integrated traditional techniques learnt from the enamel factory into her own creation for the first time.

Aurélie will explain her ideas of ​​creating this plate in the lecture on October 27th.

Choose the most suitable colors from countless enamel plates to make the best design.

Live and work together with the craftsmen.

4. Aurélie’s free creation in the factory
After learning about traditional cloisonné technique, Aurélie practiced a series of free creation. Her finished works will be exhibited in the final lecture on October 27th.

Wiry enamel in progress.

Traditional copper bottles are endowed with Aurélie’s style.

Enamel works before entering the furnace.
Aurélie Guillaume at Enamel Factory..
Aurélie Guillaume at Enamel Factory.

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Aurélie Guillaume. Object: Untitled, 2019. Copper, enamel, gold plated.. 10 x 10.5 x 2.5 cm. Aurélie Guillaume
Object: Untitled, 2019
Copper, enamel, gold plated.
10 x 10.5 x 2.5 cm
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Aurélie's new work and the traditional cloisonné art work..
Aurélie's new work and the traditional cloisonné art work.

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