What is Success? Evening lecture with Benjamin Lignel and Liesbeth den Besten

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Published: 19.02.2019
Photo by Mie De Backer..
Photo by Mie De Backer.

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We kindly invite you to participate in a conversation led by Benjamin Lignel and Liesbeth den Besten in collaboration with Studio Sieraad of Sint Lucas Antwerpen.
The conversation is held on the occasion of the Open Campus Week at Sint Lucas Antwerpen, but is also part of Benjamin Lignel's workshop during the project week in February and March. In this workshop, students from different studios will research tactical strategies and collaborations, success, professionalism, networking and communication.
The workshop will take place in 3 parts (Jan. 30th-31st, Feb.19th-20th, March 13th - 15th), starting off at Sint Lucas Antwerpen and ending in Munich during the Munich Jewellery Week.

During the conversation, including the greetings to the audience; a personal introduction to the historicity and situated-ness of success and professionalism; a discussion around case studies from Antwerp and the universe to which you, dear audience member, will contribute.
To ask questions, to question those questions, other forms of research, what are sources? Who are our sources? We discuss the authenticity of artistic success. What about the economy, how do we earn our living? And ultimately come to a goal, because what is it that we want?

Where and When: 19:00 h at Campus Sint Lucas Antwerpen, Van Schoonbekestraat 143, 2018 Antwerpen.

The conversation will be in English.
The conversation will be preceded by an opening drink, where we welcome you as from 17:30 h.
We hope to celebrate our new campus with you and would be delighted to give you a tour.
Please confirm your presence, so we know how many chairs, drinks and appetizers to provide.