Between Art and Nature at talk by Daniel Kruger

Lectures  /  22 Feb 2018
Published: 13.02.2018

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The lecture is part of the Gold & Silversmithing Studio Lecture Series organised by RMIT and will be presented during the artist's solo exhibition at Gallery Funaki.
This lecture is part of the Gold & Silversmithing Studio Lecture Series. It is open to the public and students and will be presented during his solo exhibition in Australia at Gallery Funaki. 

Born in South Africa, living and working in Berlin, Daniel Kruger is an artist who specialises in jewelry since 1972. Between 1984 to 2005 Kruger worked as well on series of ceramics, principally during residencies at the worldly renowned EKWC (European Ceramic Workcentre in 's-Hertogenbosch, the Netherlands). Relying on a broad array of skills and techniques Kruger reveals in his practice an eclectic world in which historical references and popular culture, painting and knitting, Africa and Europe, necklaces and tureens mingle joyfully. The guiding principle of his forty years of career can be found in his enthusiastic and witty approach of ornament and adornment in both disciplines. His jewels are technical feat in which gold, silk, pearls, stones and pigments come alive when worn. His ceramics are standing like trophies celebrating beauty, youth, and exuberance.

Thu. 22 February 2018
6:00 pm – 7:00 pm. 

RMIT University
Building 12 Level 5 Room 2
Access via New Academic Street
Melbourne, 3000