BravasXdentro ConeXiones Instagram Live Interviews: Ana Villalba

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Published: 31.07.2020

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This year Joya Brava Association turns 10 years old! In the middle of a paused continent and an uncertain panorama, we seek to contribute to the Latin American Contemporary Jewelry circuit by bringing together the key figures representing associations, institutions and groups that have played an important role in the development of this net, collaborating, linking, generating experiences, knowledge, research and encounters, creating community and opening paths collectively.
We want to present and connect the associative and bonding work in the Region, its achievements and challenges, reviewing through past events, the importance of management, organization and interdisciplinary collaborative work.
BravasXDentro Connections will be a compilation of several Instagram live conversations between a guest and one of our members.

All lives will be available on IGTV for people to watch anytime. Most conversations will be in Spanish.

Our fifth guest will be Ana Villalba from Batek School in San Luis de Potosí, Mexico, interviewed by Patricia Iglesias, through our Instagram account @joyabravachile.

Date:  Tuesday 4.08.2020
Time: 5 pm Perú/Mexico/Colombia; 6 pm Chile; 7 pm Argentina/Brazil; 12 pm Spain.​

At Batek we create community and bonds by offering workshops with guest artists, who share their experience in the creation and development of jewelry, leading each student to discover what they are capable of as creators. An artistic approach is generated through these meetings, adding an extra value to their technical training.
Batek school organizes events that promote a different kind of jewelry, away from what is customary in Mexico, enhancing the cultural and artistic level of our context beyond its frontiers.
/ Ana Villalba

© By the author. Read Copyright.

© By the author. Read Copyright.