BravasXDentro Instagram Live Interviews: Jorge Manilla

Lectures  /  21 May 2020
Published: 25.05.2020

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This year, Joya Brava turns 10! One decade of collaborative work, projects, dreams, exhibitions, journeys, friendship and learning. We have significantly contributed to the creation of a new Chilean Jewelry, spreading the word of our work and creators from this far Latin American land. But these achievements would not have been possible without the support of our mentors, teachers and partners who have come along all this way with us in an unprecedented adventure of collective self-managed learning.
BravasXDentro Interviews is a compilation of Instagram live interviews where one of our members invites one of our tutors to a casual live interview where you can join and interact.

All lives will be uploaded to InstagramTV for people to watch any time. Interviews will be held in Spanish.

First guest: Jorge Manilla, interviewed by Vania Ruiz through Instagram @joyabravachile account.
Date: 21.05.2020
Time: 5 pm Mexico/Colombia; 6 pm Chile; 7 pm Argentina/Brazil; 12 pm Spain.

About Jorge Manilla:
Jorge was our tutor between 2015-2016 in a collaborative project that culminated in the exhibition “Common Stories”, that was presented in Munich, Legnica, Barcelona and Santiago de Chile.  During Jorge’s both visit’s to Chile for our workshops, Joya Brava also organized Jorge’s exhibition and opened conference “Impossible to Imagine” at the Museo de Artes Decorativas de Santiago 2015, and organized the Seminar “What do we talk about when we talk about jewelry” 2016, along with Pro O’Higgins in city of Rancagua. Jorge is an active tutor and speaker in various Universities of Art and Design around Europe, actually based in Belgium and Norway where he holds a position as a professor at the National Art Academy of Oslo. Apart from this formal field, he also develops a novel teaching experience in non-traditional education held by private self-organized groups in Latin America, where he has been working on a methodology to guide jewelers through an artistic path, overcoming the challenges imposed by distance, resources and time.
Work by Jorge Manilla..
Work by Jorge Manilla.

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Previous lectures by Jorge Manilla..
Previous lectures by Jorge Manilla.

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