A Brave Decade

Lectures  /  16 Dec 2020  -  19 Dec 2020
Published: 11.12.2020

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From 16 to 19 of December, Joya Brava Association commemorates its 10th Anniversary, supported by FONDART (National Arts Funding) with the launch of "Una Decada Brava", a work in Virtual Reality, and a series of talks called "Joya Brava Dialogues", addressing issues such as cultural identity in contemporary practices, creation during the pandemic, art and gender and street art during the social outbreak in Chile on 2019, among others.
Una Decada Brava is a Virtual Reality documentary about the 10 years of the first Chilean Contemporary Jewelry Association, Joya Brava. It intertwines the intimate memory of its members about their growth as a group, and the revelation of their artistic work through a retrospective of their pieces shown in 360° or performing on people, and that show the diversity of their materialities (from waste objects to animal origin ones) and its techniques (from horsehair weaving to filigree).

The documentary was made in 360° and offers a spherical view of the relevant places in the history of Joya Brava, as well as spaces related to the inspiration of the creators. For this reason, it can be appreciated as an Immersive Virtual Reality Experience. In addition, for the jewelry pieces to be appreciated in all their details and angles, they were photographed in specialized studios, both in Santiago and Barcelona. The animated sequences of these pieces were then integrated into the documentary.

Joya Brava was awarded with Fondart funding to commemorate its decade of existence through the exhibition of a retrospective of its works that would be held at the Gabriela Mistral Cultural Center, GAM. Because of the pandemic, there were changes in its format to this virtual show exploring new ways to communicate an exhibition.

The launch of Una Decada Brava will be on Wednesday, 16 Dec, 8 pm, through GAM (Centro Gabriela Mistral) youtube and Facebook live platforms and also through our Joya Brava website.

The talks will be in Spanish, but some of the webinar talks will be translated into English. All talks are free but need previous registration.
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Wednesday, 16 Dec, 8 pm.
Launching through GAM platform. No registration required.
VR Experience Premiere. Una Década Brava.
Backstage talk with directors Jalil Riff, Tatiana Lorca, and Joya Brava members Clarisa Menteguiaga, Constanza Bielsa, and Pamela de la Fuente.

Thursday, 17 Dec.
5 pm
- Creating in Pandemic.
Kevin Murray (Curator, Australia), Dan Piersinaru (Author, Rumania), Snem Yildirim (Artist Turkey).
Hosted by Liliana Ojeda.
7 pm - Social Outbreak and Street Art.
Caiozzama (Photographer and Artist Paste Up, Chile) Ma Luisa Portuondo (Visual Artist, Chile), Magdalena Isaacson & Luis Navarro (Velcro Editions, Chile).
Hosted by Tatiana Lorca.

Friday, 18 Dec.
5 pm - Cultural Identity in Contemporary Practice.
Tania Salazar (Cultural Manager, Chile), Clemencia Plazas (Anthropologist Gold Museum, Colombia), Rita Soto (Joya Brava Ex President).
Hosted by Patricia Iglesias.
7 pm - Art and Gender.
Lea Cáceres fron Las Tesis (Fashion Designer, Chile), Jéssica Morillo (Textile artist, Argentina), Gloria Cortés Aliaga (Art Historian and Curator MNBA, Chile).
Hoted by Alejandra Wolff (Artista Visual y Docente UC).

Saturday, 19 Dec.
11 am - We don’t want to expire, we want to inspire.
Joya Brava Founder members: Pamela de La Fuente, Pía Walker, Liliana Ojeda.
Hosted by Clarisa Menteguiaga.
12:40 amSome many, many few, a brazilian view upon us.
Miriam Andraus Pappalardo and Renata Porto (Contemporary Jewelers, Brasil).
Hosted by PauliBraziliane. For this talk, there will be simultaneous translation portuguese to spanish.

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