Conference by Rodrigo Acosta

Lectures  /  10 Aug 2017
Published: 30.06.2017
Conference by Rodrigo Acosta.
Taller Eloi
Jimena Rios, Natalie Spielmann

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All the way from Valencia, Spain; Rodrigo Acosta will give an insight on his art/his way of jewelry. Mixing cloth, material, constructing and dismantling , Rodrigo has become a known icon in contemporary jewelry.
About the Artist
I was born on June 18, 1977 in Mendoza (Argentina). I started in 1996 my studies of Product Design at the National University of Cuyo in Mendoza. After two years of studies, I decided to make a big change and went in search of what I always had a passion for. I joined in 1998 in the National University of Buenos Aires, where I studied Clothing and Fashion Design. By combining study and work in 2001, I started working at an Accessories firm, where I discovered the world of Jewelery, its techniques and its added value. At the moment I live in Valencia, Spain where I have studied a Superior Degree in Artistic Jewelery in the School of Superior Art of Design of Valencia.

My line of work is based on investigating the connection that can be established between jewelry, the diversity of clothing and its relationship with memory and the body. The process of deconstructing to rebuild. The relationship of people with their body through clothing, letting see and hiding, being and not being. The states and feelings are reflected in garments that mark the body. The garments and the memory, the footprint that leaves in the wearer, body prints and footprints in memory. I am interested in fashion as a social phenomenon, as a construction of a culture, as part of the identity of the person, why people choose what they choose to dress. In this way the artistic jewelry allows me to unite two different worlds, by means of the use of the techniques of classic jewelry and the techniques of the preparation of garments, generating pieces that are in the border of what is jewel-art and Fashion-art.