Development of the Idea. A lecture by Norman Cherry

Lectures  /  28 Mar 2019
Published: 24.03.2019
The portrait of Norman Cherry..
The portrait of Norman Cherry.

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Norman Cherry has a particular interest in how artists and designers think and act, especially how creativity is informed by drawing and the haptic experience: the way our brains react to materials and their properties, resulting in the creation of unique outcomes.
Lecture time (open to the public):
Thursday, March 28, 2019, 10:00-11: 30.
Venue: Room 432, Shanghai Academy of Fine Arts, No.99 Shangda Road, Baoshan District, Shanghai.

Professor Norman Cherry is an independent jewellery artist, curator, and consultant. He was formerly Pro Vice-Chancellor (Vice President) for Arts at the University of Lincoln, UK and, prior to that, was Head of the prestigious Birmingham School of Jewellery. His work has been exhibited extensively internationally and many of his pieces are held in private and public collections throughout the world, including the British Museum. He has undertaken consultancies in several countries and regions, including China and Hong Kong, Brazil, South Africa,  Sri Lanka, and Jordan. He is Visiting Professor at Nanjing Arts University and Tsing Hua University, and Special Consultant Professor at Shanghai Academy of Fine Arts.

His book Jewellery Design and Development: From Concept to Object (Bloomsbury 2013) has recently been published in Chinese translation by Ning Liao.

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