Giovanni Corvaja: Beyond the Limits

Lectures  /  18 Jun 2022
Published: 15.06.2022
City Hall of Asolo
Thereza Pedrosa

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Gold is my obsession, it is a symbol of evolution and perfection, and it expresses the best virtue of nature and creation.

His passion for metals led Corvaja to combine his artistic and formal research with technical experimentation at the highest level. After studying at the Pietro Selvatico State Institute of Art and graduating from the Royal College of Art in London, in the early 1990s the artist came to develop a system that allowed him to reduce gold and platinum to the size of one-fifth of a human hair. Using this method, he is able to transform precious metals into fibers that are as delicate and soft as fur. At Orizzonti d’Autore, goldsmith artist Giovanni Corvaja tells us his story, his work, his obsession with gold and how he came to overcome the known limits of this material that has fascinated humanity for millennia.

The conference will be followed by a guided tour of the exhibition “Orizzonti d’Autore | Between Visions and Matter” and the retrospective “Giampaolo Babetto” with the curator Thereza Pedrosa.

When: Saturday, June 18 at 17.00 h.
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