The History of Korean Jewelry by Jung-Hoo Kim

Lectures  /  MunichJewelleryWeek2018  /  11 Mar 2018
Published: 19.12.2017
Jung-Hoo Kim.
Jung-Hoo Kim

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By inviting South Korean jewelry artist Jung-Hoo Kim to give a lecture on the history of jewelry in South Korea, Die Neue Sammlung is for the first time addressing activities in Asia during its Sunday morning Jewelry matinee.

Born in Seoul in 1959, Jung-Hoo Kim studied at Seoul University, interspersed by a period studying under Bob Ebendorf at the State University of New York, New Paltz, USA, before returning to Seoul to graduate. Since then, her own jewelry-making has time and again had historical and/or cultural connotations. She works in the old Korean metal technique of “Keumboo”, a decorative method that splices gold foil onto silver surfaces without soldering.
That said, Korean culture also relies on creative elements such as the element of artistic repetition or delicate lineaments sensitive to all disturbance. Contemporary Korean jewelry emerged in the 1980s - influenced by American and European developments - and experienced a veritable boom before the turn of the millennium, such that it is now hard to imagine the world of jewelry without jewelry artists from South Korea.
Who´s better than to tell us about Korean jewelry history than Jung-Hoo Kim, who combines both elements of traditional and contemporary metal craft in her work?

Dates and price

March 11, 2018, 11:00 am.
Language: English
Limited number of seats.
Free Entrance
Jung-Hoo Kim. Brooch: Raindrops. Silver, lapis lazuli. Jung-Hoo Kim
Brooch: Raindrops
Silver, lapis lazuli
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