Homo Ludens, the human who plays. A lecture by Eva Burton

Lectures  /  16 Apr 2019
Published: 12.04.2019
Taller Eloi
Jimena Ríos
DEADLINE: 16/04/2019

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Eva Burton will talk about her working methods and share thoughts and experiences on the making process at Taller Eloi in her home town Buenos Aires.
Three kinds of human. Homo Sapiens, the human who knows. Homo Faber, the human who creates. Homo Ludens, the human who plays.
Play is a function of the living, it presents to us like an intermezzo, an interlude of our daily life. Play is a ritual that has a consecrated spot, the playground, the back yard, the magic circle. Inside this playground an absolute and peculiar order reigns. Into an imperfect world and into the confusion of life it brings a temporary, limited perfection.