Lecture: Jewellery Object. For your eyes only?

Lectures  /  25 Oct 2014
Published: 10.10.2014
Lecture: Jewellery Object. For your eyes only?.
The Anciens Abattoirs of Mons
DEADLINE: 10/10/2014

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This lecture is focused in the public's perception and experience of jewellery. The several feelings awakened by the materials, forms, colors and all the object gives an interpretation that varies with the viewer. The reflection about this experiences will be discussed in this lecture day, part of the European Triennial of Contemporary Jewellery 2014.
European Triennial of Contemporary Jewellery 2014

Lecture Day: Jewellery Object: For your eyes only?
Beneath the onlooker’s gaze, a work calls forth sensations and generates meaning. The observer’s sensibilities and imagination are stimulated by the object: its materials, dimensions, shapes, colours, surroundings... Brought together, all these elements cause the public both to understand the creator’s personal interpretation of jewellery and to pause, reflect and form their own opinions.

How does the public perceive this experience? And how does the creator apprehend and feel the viewer’s gaze? These questions will be tackled in the lectures given alongside the exhibition.

This day will be devoted to a series of lectures aimed both at professionals and at knowledgeable amateurs.

Dates and price

Date: Saturday 25 October 2014
Price: 30 euros
- 15 euros for WCC-BF members and students aged below 27
- Free for artists taking part in the Triennial