Lecture by Ruta Reifen: All is dvash

Lectures  /  10 Aug 2014
Published: 06.08.2014
Brooklyn Metal Works

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The Israeli-born artist Ruta Reifen gives a lecture at Brooklyn Metal Works. In this lecture the artist will talk about her collection "All is Dvash", where through floral forms she expresses her hopes and wishes of peace.
'Growing up with threat of constant conflict, fighting for existence or rather coexistence, I was raised with the hope of better days, singing for peace, waiting for the dove with the olive branch. Through my art, I offer symbols of a dream haven; the pieces serve as a gateway to a promise land, a land of ‘milk and honey’.

Flowers hold the fertile assurance of potential fruits, their nectar the pledge of future honey. I have titled my show All is Dvash – All is Honey, hinting at the miracle of hope, abundance, life and delight contained within each flower. Flowers have nourished our minds and bodies throughout time, rich and beautiful they evoke love, affection, commemoration, resurrection, life and innocence.'

Ruta Reifen

Sunday August 10, 5pm
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$10 Public | $5 Members