Lecture by Sylvia Nevistic in Milan

Lectures  /  Artists  /  03 Oct 2019
Published: 26.09.2019

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On Thursday 3rd October we’ll be pleased to host the Australian artist Sylvia Nevistic which will be talking about her incredible work. The foundation of her practice seeks to investigate the tactility of objects through the materials of porcelain, silver and gold. She is driven to create work that provokes empathic feedback with an individual.
Sylvia is exploring ways to engage the viewer through the senses of touch and sound, and her aim is to pique their interest through making ambiguous sculptural works that encompass duality both in conceptual constructs and function. Small vessels become long necklaces and the lids come off to become magnificent rings.

We are looking forward to seeing you at the gallery and sharing questions and thoughts with the artist. A small exhibition will feature a few of the artist’s work.

Nature is the truest idealist. When she serves us best - when on rare days, she speaks to the imagination - we feel that the huge heaven and earth are but a web drawn around us; that the light skies, and the mountains, are but the painted vicissitudes of the soul.
/ R.W. Emerson


6;30 pm - 8:30 pm.