Lecture by Timothy Information Limited aka Tim Carson

Lectures  /  07 Nov 2023
Published: 24.10.2023
Timothy Information Limited. Badge: I am Invisible, 2018. Silver, Stainless Steel, Spray Paint.. Photo by: Simon Armitt. From series: Illusion @ Legnica Jewellery Festival. Timothy Information Limited
Badge: I am Invisible, 2018
Silver, Stainless Steel, Spray Paint.
Photo by: Simon Armitt
From series: Illusion @ Legnica Jewellery Festival
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Tim Carson (1967, UK) works under the pseudonym of Timothy Information Limited. He mostly makes badges, using non-precious materials like steel, brass or acrylic.
Timothy Information Limited conveys a clear visual language in his work, often with text, presents what at first glance appears to be an easily identifiable image. Witty and disruptive at the same time, his work is reminiscent of the days of punk (at this point we should probably mention that Tim plays in a band called ‘Scrotum Clamp’).

Since graduating from Hereford College of Art & Design and Epsom School of Art some 35 years ago, Tim has exhibited his work both in his home country and abroad. A recent project are the jewellery shows with 'Extranalities', an international collective that keeps expanding.

Tim is in Antwerp to work with our bachelor students. The workshop evolves around conveying an urgent personal or socio-critical message through jewellery. The student's results will be part of an exhibition on the last weekend of November during Obsessed! Jewellery Festival.

When & Where:
Tuesday 7th of November 19h 00, in the Showroom of Sint Lucas Antwerpen, Van Schoonbekestraat 143, Antwerpen.
The lecture will be in English. 

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Portrait of Tim Information Limited aka Tim Carson..
Portrait of Tim Information Limited aka Tim Carson.

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