Lectures at JOYA 2016

Lectures  /  Joya2016  /  29 Sep 2016  -  01 Oct 2016
Published: 20.09.2016
Lectures at JOYA 2016.
Santa Monica Arts Centre
Paulo Ribeiro, Anthony Chevallier

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On its 8th edition JOYA has invited 3 lecturers who develop their career on the international stage: Sanna Svedestedt & Karin Roy Andersson, practicers and promoters of contemporary jewellery from Gothenburg, Carlos Urroz, director of the International Contemporary Art Fair ARCO Madrid and Christian Hoedl, an Austrian jeweler and curator living and working in Munich.

Thursday 29th - 14:00h: The Odyssey of Diagonal - an adventure in the world of jewellery art (Sweden)

'Diagonal' is an art initiative focusing on promoting contemporary art jewellery founded in 2010 by Sanna Svedestedt Carboo and Karin Roy Andersson. Karin Roy Andersson is the manager of gallery Four in Gothenburg, a persistent jewellery artist and long distance runner. Sanna Svedestedt Carboo is a jewellery artist hooked on leather craft and an activist for fair payment of artistic work. 'The Odyssey of Diagonal-an adventure in the world of jewellery art is a story about love and war, great victories and heavy defeat. An uncensored talk about using collaboration and megalomania as a driving force in artistic work.

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Friday 30th  - 14:00h: Carlos Urroz (Spain)
Carlos Urroz is the director of the International Contemporary Art Fair ARCO Madrid, a major event on the Spanish and international art scene. Since 1982, ARCO Madrid has become a crucial hub within the art market, given its status, quality and cultural production. In his lecture, Carlos Urroz will explain his goals for ARCO Madrid and the event's relationship with galleries, artists, collectors and collaborators.

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Saturday 1st - 14:00h: Christian Hoedl "Rhythm is to time what symmetry is to space." Eugène d'Eichenthal (Austria/Germany)
Choreography is all about arranging the body according to rhythm, time, symmetry and space. Contemporary dancers are gorgeous and most precise in their unique techniques, developing new modes of expression. I admire their endurance and their daily renew of postures. As a curator I communicate through contemporary jewellery like you would work with contemporary dancers: you correct and re-balance, concentrate, and use your passion to renew the recipients view.

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Lectures: 10 €
Every day from 14 hours to 16 hours, the fair will be open only for conferences