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Lectures  /  11 May 2019
Published: 06.05.2019
Christine Dwane. Necklace: Breakfast Collection, 2019. Milk tags, acrylic.. Full length: 45.7 cm, thickness 2.2 cm. Christine Dwane
Necklace: Breakfast Collection, 2019
Milk tags, acrylic.
Full length: 45.7 cm, thickness 2.2 cm
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As a gallery, committed to connecting the art we exhibit and the artists who create it with our community and beyond, we are excited to announce that we will be hosting live artists interviews the artists we represent and our curator and digital broadcaster, Alta Cain.

Artist list

Christine Dwane
The interview will take place on May 11th at 6:30 pm (GMT-4:00) and will be broadcast live on Twitch ( and hosted through our website ( We encourage those interested in jewellery, art, the act of creating and what it means to be human to participate in this discussion, joining the live chat or by submitting questions and topics of interest through the comments, DM's or even email.⁣

To get a sneak peek at what Christine Dwane and Alta will be discussing, check out our interview with the artist.
Christine Dwane interviewed by 18Karat Studio + Gallery

Precious is an exhibition that asks us to look at the ways in which we covet and desire some things and discard others; the luxurious materials we revere versus those we so easily dispose of. Christine Dwane is a Quebec jewellery artist and teacher, whose latest collection, on display as part of PRECIOUS Exhibition, uses recycled and upcycled materials, such as candy wrappers and milk tags to explore the concept of value in relation to environmental concerns.
Christine Dwane. Bracelet: Spring festival beads, 2019. Aluminium foil (repurposed candy wrappers), sterling silver.. Total length 22 cm/ Beads: 1.2-1.5 cm diameter. Photo by: Fiona Chong. From series: Spring festival beads. Christine Dwane
Bracelet: Spring festival beads, 2019
Aluminium foil (repurposed candy wrappers), sterling silver.
Total length 22 cm/ Beads: 1.2-1.5 cm diameter
Photo by: Fiona Chong
From series: Spring festival beads
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