Madrugada. A Colloquium. Part of the 2nd Lisbon Contemporary Jewellery Biennial 2024

Lectures  /  27 Jun 2024  -  29 Jun 2024
Published: 26.02.2024
Madrugada. A Colloquium. Part of the 2nd Lisbon Contemporary Jewellery Biennial 2024.
Royal Treasury Museum
PIN - Associação Portuguesa de Joalharia Contemporânea
DEADLINE: 26/06/2024

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The colloquium is a part of the 2nd Lisbon Contemporary Jewellery Biennal, Political Jewels and Jewelry of Power, inspired by the celebration of the 50th anniversary of the Portuguese democratic revolution of April 25, 1974The total duration of the colloquium will be 10 hours and a certificate of participation will be issued.
This colloquium aims to bring researchers, artists, and the public into dialogue; reflecting on the political messages and implications of jewels in the past and present; on how these major themes have been worked on by artists, and on the current moment and the importance that art has as its testimony.

COLLOQUIUM — 3 days in person: €120 (€100 for PIN members, €80 students and online); 1 day (in-person option only): €40.

Cindi Strauss, Mònica Gaspar, Vivi Touloumidi, Rosa Maria Mota, Toon Leen, Dionea Rocha Watt, Clementine Edwards, Patricia Domingues, Ben Lignel

June 27th to 29th, 2024. 
Thursday and Friday, from 14.00 h to 17.30 h;
Saturday from 10.30 h to 13.30 h.

Who is it for?
Artists, researchers, students, teachers, public and private cultural agents, and others interested in the topics.

Part I:
Give Me a Revolution

27 June, Thursday, 14.00 h to 17.30 h

Cindi Strauss - Hear Me Now!: American Political Jewelry 1965-1980
Mònica Gaspar - Losers’ craft: amateurism as a political gesture in Spain
Vivi Touloumidi - Applying the self

Part II:
More Than Flowers

28 June, Friday, 14.00 h. to 17.30 h.

Rosa Maria Mota – The power of gold adornments
Toon Leen - Carrying Images: Figures of Power between Support and Subversion
Dionea Rocha Watt - At Dawn, Carnations are Incorruptible Jewels

Part III
Radical Entanglements 

29 June, Saturday 10.30 h. to 13.30 h.

Clementine Edwards - Toxic Inheritances
Patricia Domingues - Orogeny & Rifting
Ben Lignel - Radical facilitation: a discussion

The colloquium will be in English without translation

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