Nature & Artifice. A Lecture by Marion Delarue

Lectures  /  20 Sep 2019
Published: 10.09.2019
Nature & Artifice. A Lecture by Marion Delarue.
Hillside Banquet
Japan Jewellery Designers Association

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Since April, Marion Delarue has been part of the Villa Kujoyama, an artist in residency ran in Kyoto by the French Institute of Japan.
During her lecture, she will talk about her working methods and how the Asian traditional techniques and materials are influencing her work.
Marion Delarue will show studio photos and process pictures, along with selected projects and explain how natural and artificial, authenticity and imitation are recurrent in her practice.
A small exhibition will feature selected pieces as well as Marion's current artist in residency’s researches on Japanese hair ornaments (kushis, kogais and kanzashis).

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Price: 3000 yens, 2500 yens for JJDA members, 1000 yens for students.(approx. 25 euro, 21 euro, 8.5 euro)