Sigurd Bronger: Making of Things. A Lecture at Die Neue Sammlung

Lectures  /  16 May 2024
Published: 22.04.2024
Photo: Ina Bauer.
Photo: Ina Bauer

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In connection with Sigurd Bronger's very successful solo exhibition Wearables at Die Neue Sammlung – The Design Museum / Pinakothek der Moderne (till 2nd June 2024), we invited the artist to hold a lecture.

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Sigurd Bronger
Bronger’s lecture: The Making of Things, is about his world of inspiration, which brings objects into our daily jewelry lives that we’ve never thought about wearing before…. From his side, it will be a light and entertaining conversation through his world of making.

Sigurd Bronger is an artist from Norway. He makes jewelry from unusual objects. Usually, these objects are not jewelry. Sigurd Bronger himself does not call them brooches or necklaces. He calls them: Wearable objects.
This means that they are things you can wear. He puts these objects in artful holders made of gold or brass. This way, you can attach them to clothing.

About Sigurd Bronger:
Sigurd Bronger was born in Oslo in 1957. He went to school in Oslo to learn to make jewelry. Later, he moved to Schonhooven, the Netherlands, where he attended a school for watchmakers and goldsmiths. He finished his training in 1979 and then worked as an engraver at Koninklijke Fabrieken Posthumus. In 1983, Sigurd Bronger moved back to Oslo and still lives and works there today.

In 2009, Die Neue Sammlung invited him to give a lecture. The lecture series was called: All about me. His work is well-known and popular in museums in the Netherlands and in private collections. This is also the case in America and Asia.
In 2016, he won the Bavarian State Prize for this work: Carrying device for a Nautilus. The nautilus is a snail with many tentacles which lives in the sea.

Where: Pinakothek der Moderne. X-Depot of Die Neue Sammlung.
When: 16. May 2024, 18:30 h.
Language: Lecture in English. Free entrance.
Wearables exhibition view 
. Photo: Die Neue Sammlung (K. Mewes).
Wearables exhibition view 
Photo: Die Neue Sammlung (K. Mewes)

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