Tast entre Joies Nº11: Liana Pattihis

Lectures  /  06 Oct 2014
Published: 10.09.2014

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Dterra Gallery-Workshop invites you to the eleventh meeting with an artist. At the lecture, Liana Pattihis will give us an insight into her works. The lecture is related to the Off JOYA events that will take part during the jewellery fair in Barcelona
Liana Pattihis: Digging deep

Digging Deep is an insight into the works of Liana Pattihis.
‘The processes Liana uses in making her jewellery are ones of building and burying. Layer upon layer of enamel slowly obscure the foundation of silver or gold chains, forming a vitreous crust that is raw, crackly and uneven…The natural quality of the surface gives a feel of a much earlier age, yet buried under the enamel are anonymous, potentially unattractive, chains of this age of mass production. The point of delight is, not only that unique, colourful and exciting pieces of jewellery are created, but that the rules of enamelling have been broken and rewritten so successfully… ‘

Caroline Broadhead