Where does a parallel world exist? Exhibition & Lecture by Mari Ishikawa

Lectures  /  03 Nov 2016
Published: 27.10.2016
WE WALKA Escuela de Joyería
Ricardo Pulgar, Claudia Betancourt

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It is a great honor to receive Mari Ishikawa in Gallery WALKA for the second consecutive year presenting a lecture as well as an exhibition of her works.
Where does a parallel world exist?
Can one discover this world through time travel?
Is it perhaps possible to see this world in a dream? 
Or does it only exist in one’s heart?
The world we see is only a part of the entire reality which is composed of many worlds existing simultaneously, side by side. We can find “Parallel Worlds” whenever we open our eyes and hearts. They are always with us. / Mari Ishikawa

About the Artist
She is a jewelry artist born in Japan, currently living in Germany with over 20 years in her artistic career. She has won some of the most important awards in contemporary jewelry worldwide: The “Herbert Hofmann Prize” and the “Bayerischer Staat Preise Award” among a others. 

She is represented by leading galleries and her work is part of the most important public collections worldwide including the Museum of Art and Design (New York, USA), Silver Museum (Florence, Italy), Jewellery Museum Pforzheim (Germany), and the Pinakothek Der Modern (Munich, Germany), among others.

About the Gallery
Gallery WALKA is a contemporary jewelry gallery founded in 2014 in Chile. It has welcomed some of the greatest jewelry artists worldwide, with retrospectives and solo exhibitions of fundamental creators, such as, Iris Eichenberg (Germany-The Netherlands- USA), Caroline Broadhead (UK), Mia Maljojoki (Finland), Tanel Veenre (Estonia), Mari Ishikawa (Japan-Germany), Marta Mättson (Sweden), Klara Brynge (Sweden), Anastasia Young (UK), Jorge Manilla (Mexico-Belgium) and Sayumi Yokouchi (Japan-USA).