Preziosa 2017 FJW skyscraper.

The Shy Ones by Iris Eichenberg

Meeting  /  24 May 2016
Published: 18.05.2016

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I picked the silent ones, those that where not fully understood when made, those that live in the moments in-between, recognized only in retrospect as tresholds to new rooms.The works that are dearest to me are often the shy ones. the ones that are finished in their unfinishedness, and that are therefore endlessly becoming. If everything goes right I will learn in some future moment from those that are not immediately open for engagement. / Iris Eichenberg

Artist list

Iris Eichenberg
One day event.

The exhibition includes the public lecture "As close as I can get ".

With each lecture it seems I have to reinvent the wheel of reflection; using an existing selection of slides feels like plagiarizing myself. 
Here is a another chance to understand and get to know oneself. The past only makes sense in the future.
Tracing new routes, making sense anew, let me share the process of understanding, each new order and selection makes for a different path.
Interconnections and the interdependency of objects are not consciously planned and escape our doing.
This selection is as close as I can get to what I know.


Tuesday 24th of May 2016 from 19.00h