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Site Specific by Sayumi Yokouchi

Meeting  /  30 Jun 2016
Published: 27.06.2016
Site Specific by Sayumi Yokouchi.
WE WALKA Gallery Space
Ricardo Pulgar, Claudia Betancourt

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Jewelry is the context for installation. Incorporating with stones or other objects to create new space within a (un)limited surface. 

Artist list

Sayumi Yokouchi
One Day Event.

The exhibition includes the public lecture "Site Specific ".

How do I tell story?
How do I give voice for something that’s there, but it’s not always visible.
Materials and processes become the site for making work. Finding myslef getting connected to the site is what I’m interested. I sometime revisit the old site to find a new site. It all begins with random thoughts and imaginations that are formed by the collection of inspirations and questions around the materials and I visually translate them into my language through my sense. / Sayumi Yokouchi


Thursday 30th June from 19h