Open Call to Collectiva Meeting'19 International Exhibition

Open call  /  Exhibiting   Curating  /  02 Apr 2019  -  31 May 2019
Published: 29.03.2019
Open Call to Collectiva Meeting'19 International Exhibition.
Collectiva Gallery
Ana Bragança, Ana João, Sara Coutinho, Marta Pinto Ribeiro, Susana Teixeira
DEADLINE: 31/05/2019

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COLLECTIVA Joalharia de Autor is an independent platform and store-gallery which has already positioned itself as a hub in the city of Porto by allowing emerging designers to present their work. Directed to promote contemporary jewellery, Collectiva presents a careful selection of small collections, limited editions and exclusive pieces, as well as a wide program of exhibitions and regular events.
The COLLECTIVA MEETING is an annual exposition that brings together national and international artists, by organizing an exhibition / sale event that promotes new talents and innovative works within the contemporary jewellery field.
Last year, for the first time, more than 85 artists from all over the world had their work presented at an international jewellery exhibition in Portugal. This year, we aim to bring once again to Porto brilliant artists with powerful ideas and meaningful concepts and to organize an event where these artists may meet and share their experiences.  

Jewellery professionals and/or artists from creative fields who create contemporary jewellery.
Due to taxation purposes, the artist must have a valid invoicing system or be part to a company that invoices the sales.
Selection Criteria:
The designers will be selected to participate in Collectiva’s Annual event based on the following criterias:
●        Concept / Originality
●        Innovative materials and techniques
●        Compliance with the contemporary jewellery principles
The selected artists will be announced officially on the 1st of July.
An invited jury of jewellery designers, teachers, fashion art and magazine directors (to be announced in July) will distinguish the most fabulous works presented at the exhibition with three COLLECTIVA MEETING AWARDS. Each winner of these prizes will have the opportunity of being a Guest Designer at Collectiva during a period of 3 months.

Key dates:
- 31st of May, 2019: Last day of application (by email);
- 1st of July, 2019: Result announcement;
- 15th of August, 2019: Deadline to receive pieces at Collectiva;
- 21st September - 31st October 2019: COLLECTIVA MEETING ‘19 | INTERNATIONAL EXHIBITION