Open Call for Golden Years. Contemporary International Jewelry and Metal Art Triennial & Domestic Travelling Exhibition

Open call  /  01 Apr 2021  -  30 Nov 2021
Published: 21.08.2021
Open Call for Golden Years. Contemporary International Jewelry and Metal Art Triennial & Domestic Travelling Exhibition.
Powerlong Museum
Leandre Burkhard
DEADLINE: 30/11/2021

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Golden Years is the theme of Art Triennial & Domestic Travelling Exhibition organized by China Academy of Art. The key concept of this exhibition is to enhance Chinese jewelry industry’s comprehensive attention to design and communication. The artists who will be invited to participate in the exhibition are required for the use of “gold” and “diamonds” as complement material of each other.

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Four billion years ago, two aging neutron stars collided in the depths of the universe, triggering a dazzling supernova explosion. The explosion threw away a large amount of gold elements, which were attached to the asteroids. They had been travelling tens of millions of light years, rushing to the third planet of the solar system, finally crashing into the atmosphere, and becoming part of the earth’s crust. These golden elements from the distant have witnessed the infinity of the universe as well as the human imagination of eternity and wealth.
Gold symbolizes eternity and wealth. This symbol is not limited to a region, a nation or a culture. It is the consensus of mankind and has broad commonality. Gold is a material language without borders. It is a stable image that resonates without distinction. The circulation properties of gold speak for themselves.
For artists, “gold” is the material filled of temptation. It not only corresponds to its specific precious metal properties, but it can also easily stimulate the artist’s imagination of the past. This kind of imagination does not require the construction of conceptual art. Because it exists in life and it naturally accompanies every living individual.
As speaking of “gold”, it always reminds us of beautiful and memorable things. It is probably a string of ordinary necklaces given by parents in the childhood or the golden summer mottled among the leaves on the banyan tree by the pond, or it may be the heartbeat as two young people inadvertently touched, or perhaps the curl of smoke faintly in the sunset on the way home. It is as precious and enduring as gold and as passionate and enthusiastic as a flame. It is so passionate and enthusiastic that it even melts itself into a flowing golden color, shuttling through the long river of years and becoming an eternal and beautiful memory.
Under the theme of “Golden Years”, we hope to plan an exhibition. The artists who will be invited to participate in the exhibition are required for the use of “gold” and “diamonds” as complement material of each other. By using manual rather than mechanical processing, the art creation is not limited to the form and theme. We sincerely hope the originality of the material would be returned.
Through thinking and interpreting the basic cognition of jewelry art in different scopes of international and domestic, the exhibition explores how artists can connect with art creators, art viewers, art consumers, art researchers and art educators together to break their gap in the post-epidemic era. At the same time, through this international triennial, the research on interdisciplinary fields such as art history, post-modern art theory, sociology, anthropology and the evolution of art jewelry will be sorted out.

Key dates:
  • Global Call for Works: August – November 2021.
  • Selection of The First Design Drafts (Through Academic Committee): November 2021.
  • Officially announce Selected Works: before 31 December 2021.
  • Transportation of Overseas Works: June – August 2022.
  • Transportation of Domestic Works: August 2022.
  • Opening Time: September 2022.
  • Event Time: October 2022 – June 2023.

Application Requirements:
Under the theme of "Golden Years", the participating artists are requested to use gold and diamond materials in their works. They has to be created by hand rather than mechanical processing, with no limitation on size and form, and return to the true nature of the material.
Requested materials include Application form for the exhibited works (download application form here) and a design sketch or photograph of the actual work. Please indicate the size and material in the picture. Multiple works has to be assembled on one sheet.
In the end, we will select 450 works to participate in the exhibition. The results will be announced before 15 October, 2021. The selected works will be responded to by mail, and the delivery time will be notified separately.

Contributors are requested to choose the corresponding group according to their true identity type for submission. If you have any questions, please contact the person in charge of the corresponding group.

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