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Published: 22.12.2023
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Now you can read the lattest experience of our intern Laura Higgins from Central Saint Martins!

Klimt02 internships are aimed for students (Master / Bachelor degree) or professionals. We offer positions focusing on different tasks: website content, publishing, audiovisuals or marketing. You can read a full description of the internships here but we thought the best way to explain what really happens here is to share what our interns have to say about the experience.

Laura Higgins, Central Saint Martins, University of the Arts, London.

Working as an intern at klimt02 has given me insight and understanding into the different functions and tasks of a gallery space; in the physical and digital realm. 

Interning at klimt02 was my first placement out of three to make up a year in industry, a qualification that enhances my undergraduate studies in Fine Art. I understood what the internship would entail, yet I still had questions about how life in Barcelona would differ from what I was used to in London, I had anticipation for moving to a city I had never visited before.
My experience at Klimt02 has been extremely informative as well as enjoyable. My first week went at a manageable pace as Leo and Amador introduced me to the extensive website and the daily tasks of the internship- explaining intentions of the gallery whilst teaching me the different processes of online documentation. I was encouraged to complete tasks at my own pace, and both managing directors were happy to help if I had any problems with the tasks, politely correcting any mistakes with understanding and patience.
Thanks to the continual writing and editing in throughout the placement, I have become more confident within my analytical and writing skills. Leo and Amador suggested that I explore different research methods when writing articles for the website. These research tasks led me to visit various current happenings in Barcelona, such as the Contemporania Art and Jewellery fair, situated in the Palau de Pedralbes, Barcelona. By reviewing the fair, I was able to move through this event with a new sense of attentiveness to the works on show; being more observant and curious than if I had gone on my own accord. Experiences and projects like this one evoked a more thoughtful way of viewing an exhibitions and works for me, a valuable tool.  
Learning how a gallery shares content and promotes jewellery designers’ work online in a culturally rich city has been insightful. By communicating with artists and institutions from all around the world, this internship has reaffirmed the importance of coherent communication to me. Expanding photoshop skills is also a regular part of working on the website. Becoming well versed in photo editing is a useful for those who are considering future job prospects in any creative fields.
I thoroughly enjoyed my time interning at Klimt02. Thanks to the positive work environment that is created by Leo and Amador, It is a great space for learning that is complimented by the wonderful city. I have no doubt that this experience will help me navigate the creative industry  after graduation.

Cécile Maes, ENSA Limoges. École Nationale Superieure d'Art.

What I take away from this internship is that learning how to structure elements to create interesting content helped me organize my tasks and my thoughts. Reading and editing texts by artists, articles and interviews, as well as working with images, allowed me to understand how to be relevant in my ideas and, most importantly, what good communication entails.

It had been a while since I came across the internship announcement at Klimt02. Not knowing the extent of the work involved in creating a platform that connects the key players of contemporary jewellery, and having used the platform for my research in this field, I didn't hesitate for long.
I landed in the charming city of Barcelona to embark on a 6-month experience alongside the founders of Klimt02 and Hannah Gallery: Leo and Amador.

Initially, my focus was on familiarising myself with the database used to create the various items that feed the virtual magazine on a daily basis. My initial task was to create or update profiles of different members - artists, galleries, institutions, etc. - and publish articles or interviews related to contemporary jewellery and crafts.

The dialogue (in English or Spanish) was effortless and quickly enriching. They were always available to answer my queries, and the weekly meetings helped me understand the concept of the site and the initiatives put in place to make it more accessible and relevant.

Quickly, managing the daily tasks became intuitive, and I was entrusted with new responsibilities. Alongside my wonderful intern colleague, Charlotte Henry, we were able to modify and create new communication protocols on social media platforms like Instagram and Facebook. I also began research for my personal project. In my case, I wanted to write an article about pearl necklaces, their history, their various representations and connotations, to be published on Klimt02.
For this, I received pleasant support from Leo and Amador. Every two weeks, we had personal meetings where I could share my research, questions, and writing drafts. These meetings were very enriching for me as they helped me structure my thoughts while giving me a lot of freedom and autonomy. About 20% of my weekly work was dedicated to progressing my personal project, which also allowed me to clear my mind between the different items updates.

In March, Charlotte and I had the opportunity to travel to Munich to write a review on Munich Jewellery Week 2023. Needless to say, it was very interesting and stimulating to put myself in the shoes of a journalist and translate the experience into words. This experience greatly helped me in writing my personal project. The trip was highly enriching, seeing pieces that I had previously discovered virtually, visiting exhibitions, and meeting important figures in the world of contemporary jewellery.

We also had the opportunity to do the scenography and prepare the press kit for the exhibition "Chaos" by Lucy Pearl Petts, Winner of the Klimt02 Talent Award. Understanding how to showcase the pieces, communicating with the artist, and writing about her work allowed me to sharpen my skills in curating. The opening took place in May, which was a great excuse to celebrate the end of my experience properly.

What I take away from this internship, which passed too fast, is that learning how to structure elements to create interesting content helped me organize my tasks and my thoughts. Reading and editing texts by artists, articles and interviews, as well as working with images, allowed me to understand how to be relevant in my ideas and, most importantly, what good communication entails.

I particularly enjoyed the interaction with individual artists, their feedback, and the quick connection that formed between us. However, I would like to give a small warning to potential future interns: be aware that this internship mostly involves working in front of a computer, sitting for 6 hours a day.
In summary, I am very happy to do this internship because it allowed me to smoothly transition back to my artistic practice, inspired by the enriching content I encountered every day. I was able to sharpen my critical eye and understand what truly motivates me in contemporary jewellery. I gained an understanding of the role of each actor in this small world, which has a lot to divulge and expand upon. I also caught a glimpse of what it means to support and promote contemporary jewellery, constantly seeking and developing ideas to enrich this platform and share its content.
Thank you for the experience! It was great!

Charlotte Henry, Central Saint Martins, University of the Arts, London,

The research project that involved researching, article writing, and publishing on the Klimt02 website allowed both exiting change from the daily tasks as well as the freedom to work on a story I had a genuine interest in, something not usually possible in other internship positions.

During my third year of study I have taken part in a year long professional development qualification, which included six months with Klimt02. Prior to the internship I was living and working in London while applying for internships abroad. Klimt02 application process and criteria for the job is well communicated.

As a student of BA Fine Art I was not familiar with Klimt02 as a platform but have used similar ones during my studies so it didn't take long to understand the concept. After a couple of days of training and in depth instruction I was left to practice what I had learned while checking in with Leo for support when needed. My responsibilities related to the Klimt02 website and social media platforms as well as communicating with clients. This included updating artist profiles, galleries' exhibitions, and institution pages.

Through my work at Klimt02, I developed many valuable transferable skills. It taught me to prioritised tasks and managed time effectively to meet deadlines. The research project that involved researching, article writing, and publishing on the Klimt02 website allowed both exiting change from the daily tasks as well as the freedom to work on a story I had a genuine interest in, something not usually possible in other internship positions. This project provided valuable research experience and contributed to my professional development which will assist me in my final year at university.

While writing our personal projects, we set goals, established timelines, and stayed committed to the task with weekly meetings to discuss progress. The final article effectively communicated the knowledge and insights gained from my research, representing the culmination of my internship.

Attending Munich Jewellery Week 2023 as representatives of Klimt02 was an exciting experience. We gathered information to create an article about the fair's happenings and trends. We planned our schedule, engaged with exhibitors, artists, and experts, and conducted interviews to capture valuable insights.

The internship as a whole was positive and fun while teaching me valuable lessons about the business and workplace. I’m grateful to have had this experience and for the team that I was working for and along side.

Alexander Triffterer, University of Applied Sciences, Peter Behrens School of Arts, New Craft Object Design, Düsesldorf. Germany.

Working on my freelance project took up 20% of my weekly working time, and I particularly enjoyed the research phase and the intensive study of my chosen topic, combined with visits to different libraries in Barcelona.

Since the curriculum of my university also includes a stay abroad during my bachelor's degree, I started looking for an internship. When I came across the Klimt02 advertisement, it was immediately clear to me that I wanted to apply for it.
Klimt02 had already been a platform for me to find out about what was going on in the jewellery world before I started my studies, so I was very happy when I received the acceptance for a 6-month internship.
My start at Klimt02 began with an intensive induction phase, mainly supervised by Chenni. I got to know the daily processes and tasks and was able to slowly familiarise myself with the individual areas of responsibility. Initially, my tasks mainly included database management and the creation, updating and publication of website content, the preparation of designated data and communication with artists, institutions and gallery owners. In addition to Chenni, Leo and Amador always had an open ear for my questions and helped me with any uncertainties. The good and intensive support, especially at the beginning, enabled me to quickly familiarise myself with the processes and, above all, to feel very comfortable in the team.
After a month, I was familiar with the daily processes and managed to build up a certain structure to cope with the organisation and structuring of the data. But also the pure work in front of the PC slowly became routine and so I got the opportunity to get new tasks to get further insights into the set-up and structures of Klimt02 and thus of an online magazine.
Besides new tasks, I also got the opportunity to work on my project. For this, I decided to write an article that was published on Klimt02 after completion. In choosing the topic and starting the research, I was supported by Amador and Leo in bi-weekly meetings. They helped me to find suitable sources/books and to structure my information.
Especially when I was at a dead end, the meetings helped me to reorganise and refocus to continue working on the article.
Working on my freelance project took up 20% of my weekly working time, and I particularly enjoyed the research phase and the intensive study of my chosen topic, combined with visits to different libraries in Barcelona.
The compilation of the collected information was sometimes very exhausting and made my head smoke at times. All in all, however, it was a good exercise to prepare me for the theoretical part of my upcoming Bachelor's degree.
One of the most important things I learned during my internship was how to organise and structure data and how to communicate well and correctly. Reading and correcting texts on new collections of individual artists, interviews and exhibitions broadened my horizons and I got an intensive overview of how artists transform ideas/themes into jewellery and market it professionally.
I especially enjoyed contacting the individual artists and updating their profiles as well as creating exhibitions. It was always a pleasure to see how much great jewellery was created by the artists.
In summary, I can say that I had a great time at Klimt02. Working with Amador, Leo and Chenni was always relaxed and characterised by a good and progressive exchange. But I also really appreciate the understanding in case of mistakes, the patience during the induction period and beyond, as well as the openness in all other matters. Unfortunately, the 6 months at Klimt02 went by faster than I had hoped. This was certainly not only due to the great workplace but also to Barcelona.
Thank you very much for the great experience!

Ana Bellagamba, the University of Applied Science Trier, Idar-Oberstein. Germany.

You will have your communication skills improved, not only on how to talk to different people daily but also on how to organize the information for a visitor on the website.

Before starting the internship at Klimt02, I already had an idea of which kind of work was after reading the same page I am now featuring. For someone who is looking to make and develop pieces, this is not the place. Do not be mistaken, here you are going to experience office work. However, if you are interested in being in the middle of what is happening in the jewellery field, there is no better place. Information comes in waves every day.

As an intern, you are going to develop three lines of work: you will have your communication skills improved, not only on how to talk to different people daily but also on how to organize the information for a visitor on the website. The second line of work was about prospecting new artists, something that became increasingly interesting mainly because I had not found engaging at first, and it surprised me how thought provoking it was in the end. The third job is all about your wish. It could be interesting if you come up with ideas to approach this. I had no idea for a project but I identified myself with one of the projects Leo and Amador were developing and went for it. I had the chance to research and map the jewellery developed in my home country, Brazil. It is a topic I continue to research.

One of the high points of the internship is the location: Barcelona. There are no words to describe how incredible the energy of the city is. So vibrant! Think about the food, places, beaches, mountains, and everything else that comes with the warm Catalan culture. Unfortunately, I had my internship during the second wave of the Covid-19 pandemic so I had many restrictions. On the other hand, Amador and Leo were always supportive of any changes that happened. As the cherry on top, Klimt02’s office is inside the charming Hannah Gallery, giving you the opportunity to use your breaks to explore the collection and exhibitions.

My experience in Klimt02 was for sure rewarding on many levels. Klimt02 allowed me to observe different ways to recognize, comprehend, and discover a new facet of jewellery. It gave me the necessary involvement to be able to work in a separate capacity, which is what I was looking for. As a maker, seeing another perspective of what is being done on an international level has filled me with excitement to contribute further to the area. For me, this was gratifying and fruitful.

Annabel Goris, PXL-MAD School of Art, Belgium.

Research, database management, updating and publishing the website content, communication with artists, institutions and gallerists and editing pictures was the basis for the daily work.

For my Master’s degree, I’ve decided to do 4 varied internships to get a clear view of what’s been done in the field. I wanted to see and experience different areas before making my own final project and graduating. One of them was a 3-month internship at Klimt02, which was definitely a really good decision.

My job description was related to research, database management, updating and publishing the website content, communication with artists, institutions and gallerists and editing pictures. It was mainly computer work, which was a big change from the usual bench work. It took me about 1 month to get incorporated and from then on I got the trust and responsibility to work more independently.  
At this time I also got the chance to propose suggestions of my own, regarding my tasks. That’s how I came to do a presentation in the gallery for Master’s students from Sweden, made a manual for cataloguing and tagging images and brainstormed about an interview, for which they offered me the chance to continue working on after the internship was finished.
Leo and Amador made sure there was enough variation and that I was stimulated enough. They were interested in my ideas, personal work, goals and expectations and we talked about these things really openly. Both of them were open to all kinds of questions and gave me an honest insight into their business. I felt really appreciated which made my motivation to perform well even stronger.
I realised with an evolving online platform there is always work, in terms of updating and improving the site and database, but both of them manage to create a really pleasant and relaxing working atmosphere.

One of the most important things I’ve learned is the ability to communicate well and correctly. I learned how to do this in a professional way and I know now what’s expected of an artist.
By talking about the work of others, I gained a good base to talk about my own work. You can only position yourself in the field if you know what’s been done already. All the interesting works and statements that came my way opened up my horizon -it was refreshing. And not to forget I made a lot of contacts, which might come in handy later.

To summarise: I had a really inspiring and pleasant time working at Klimt02. Maybe it is the Spanish mentality, but actually, I think it’s really just the way Leo and Amador are; they were really welcoming and kind bosses who like to teach you all the things they’ve learned themselves.  

And as a cherry on the pie, Barcelona is a wonderful city to live in.
Sounds like a perfect place to do an internship, right?

Yuxi Sun, Hochschule Trier, Germany.

Summarizing the news and finding the keywords were more than some paperwork, during the intensive reading, I could experience each mini-curation process.

The work at Klimt02 was unique. Working at Klimt02 is quite different from working on a bench. My job was not about making jewellery or working with craft tools. However, I still felt I was completely involved in the jewellery world. My routine work was to deal with various tasks in front of the screen, but I was refreshed by all the images, information, and related content all the time. I kept in touch with different artists, gallerists and others from this field around the world, which formed a precious network around me naturally. The main part of my task was to filter, organize, and edit materials I had received from artists, galleries and institutions, then published them on the official website in order to provide a better reading experience for the Klimt02 audience.

Some people might regard it as a little bit boring work to deal with because I was surrounded by data and forced to face the laptop all the time, but I hold different opinions on it. I found it interesting and encouraging. I was “forced” to read all the text, which made me absorbed in the news and explore further understanding of them. Summarizing the news and finding the keywords were more than some paperwork, during the intensive reading, I could experience each mini-curation process. Besides, I was free to contribute the topic I was interested in in the forum section and translate those appealing topics into my native language and publish them online, so that more people, especially those audiences from my country, could have the chance to share these great resources with me.
Apart from the task of the work, my friendly and professional colleagues were also a treasure to me during this remarkable internship experience. They had devoted their professions, dedication and expectations to the jewellery world for more than 16 years. I admire their great spirit and they were also true friends to me since they helped me a lot in my work and daily life.

Carolin Denter. Hochschule Trier, Germany.

I gained invaluable "professional experience“, and my self-confidence and self-esteem grew because it helped me to develop new, unknown strengths and talents in the field of Art- Management and Marketing, Communication, Curating and Writing.

My internship at Klimt02 in Barcelona was planned for one semester. After a few weeks of work with them, we decided to prolong my internship to almost one year. It's a good sign, isn`t it? Once I made the decision to work with Klimt02, and Leo Caballero and Amador Bertomeu, the founders, accepted me, I was both, happy and very nervous. Happy, because of the amazing reputation and the quality of work they provide, and nervous because, I am a jeweller, I was not used to working with computers. But once I arrived there, my concerns were as blown away.
In the beginning, my main tasks have been updating and publishing new website contents under the guidance of the content Manager Leo Caballero. After the first few days, I was able to do some basic database management and communication with the artists, as well as editing images for online marketing purposes. After I got more trained in selecting the needs of our members, updating and online marketing, I was responsible for the field of research and developing new ideas. At this point I was falling for the work at Klimt02: Even i was just an intern, I was heard and respected, even pushed to work on smaller own projects, develop ideas and introduce them to the team. 

In the last step of my internship, I could add the task of creating interviews to artists and curators or institutions to my field of training. I got introduced to the daily work in the gallery as well as the publishing of catalogs and books which has not been part of my main task, but since the working space is located in the gallery's everyday life, I could benefit from it. It was a nice opportunity to talk with a lot of visitors, students, artists and customers who came for a visit. The chance to be part of the preparations for the exhibitions at the Hannah Gallery (former Klimt02 gallery) has helped me a lot to make up my mind about quality, presentation and curating. After the first 5 months working with the team, we decided that I am going to stay for 5 more months. In this time I was able to work on and develop my own project in collaboration with Klimt02.
How did I benefit from Klimt02? 3 years after my internship i would like to share what I realized:
My time at Klimt02 did already "payoff“ so many times because of different reasons. I gained invaluable "professional experience“, my self-confidence and self-esteem growed because it helped me to develop new, unknown strength and talents in the field of Art- Management and Marketing, Communication, Curating and Writing. 3 years later I am still working with Klimt02, and the experience of learning, developing and getting challenged never stops. Next, to the amazing fact, that I am now a constant team member, i was able to rely on a network I build during my time there. Trough this, i was able to get a job in marketing and design management at a university immediately  after my graduation in 2017. Klimt02 has shown me new opportunities, and I am full of sincere gratitude for this. 

Bridgette Shepherd, Griffith University, Australia.

I looked overseas on her quest to develop skills, knowledge, and experience as a creative practitioner and industry professional.

Graduation opened to the verge of the unknown - overwhelmed by possibilities yet often underwhelmed by opportunities.  Clinging to edges of the institutional safety blanket, I began my self-directed path toward becoming an established contemporary jeweller. As a result of my ambitious inquiries and applications, I was fortunate to be accepted for an internship position at Klimt02.

My role relates to research, publishing of website content and database management. As an emerging practitioner, this opportunity has been beneficial, fostering international professional networks and connections with international audiences of contemporary jewellery. The publishing of website content requires research and continual communication with jewellers, galleries and institutions.  Whilst the gallery setting facilitates introductions with local and international members of the contemporary jewellery field: jewellers, collectives, teachers, creative directors and collectors.  This expansion of networks has initiated informed exchanges with established jewellers and industry professionals whilst encouraging the development of my artistic practice and professionalism. 

Klimt02 internships usually vary from 4 to 6 months, but this can be adjusted and individualized during the application process. For example, Hannah-May did a two-month base camp training at the office in Barcelona and later finished her internship with four months working at a distance from England.

Hannah-May: As I arrived in Barcelona late on a Monday night, the now real prospect of being an intern for an organisation that I have the utmost admiration for seemed fairly intimidating. What should I expect? Would I fit in with my limited knowledge of global contemporary jewellery? Would my initiative and keenness be enough? All those worries were for nothing. The welcome I received was more that of an old friend who had been away for a while.
The week officially started at 10 am on Wednesday at the Gallery headquarters and after a sumptuously sunny stroll through the streets of Gracia, one of the many districts of Barcelona, I was introduced to Leo Caballero and Amador Bertomeu. First we discussed what their aim with Klimt02 was and they explained how I would fit into the operation for the next 6 months, only the first two of which I would spend in Barcelona seeing how everything worked. I was initially to go through stacks of books, catalogues and magazines and update their library both in the gallery and on the database. To some this may seem a twisted task, but I feel that I am receiving a second education on the history of a fascinating industry; some of the books and catalogues are limited prints or out of print completely so I would rarely if at all get a chance to see them and snoop their contents as I look for authors, editors and text contributors.

As Klimt02 covers a broad spectrum of topics it is possible to adjust an internship to specific interests. Alexandra from Portugal came to Barcelona with a focus on art jewellery and curating.

Alexandra: An internship can certainly be a valid starting point to learn and investigate more about what interests you.  Beginning a career in jewellery curating has proven challenging, as sometimes there is (at least for now) little guidance on the subject.  Therefore, it was necessary to immerse me in environments that would support and promote my skills in curating.  I felt that Klimt02 was the place to do that, which is proving to be true.  Klimt02 is a space that provides contents on jewellery today and is expanding my thoughts of curating jewellery through a gallery and online platforms.  Apart from working with the website database, managing and editing contents, the Klimt02 experience is proving to be a lot more:  A welcoming environment for the exchange and debate of ideas, where your input is valued. I am confident that the experience will enrich my emerging career.  Needless to say, an experience abroad, even if in a neighboring country, is always very gratifying from a personal perspective.

Maria João Jerónimo, who started with as an intern, was after working as Social Media Editor for Klimt02 for several moths.

Maria João Jerónimo: My internship at Klimt02 was focused on activities related to the Klimt02 Website and Community.  It was the first time I was involved in a major company and also the first time editing and producing contents for the web. As intern I learned how to establish a professional contact with other companies and artists, what is needed and how to publish content online - learning also to work with the company’s database - and the importance of a constant improvement of our eye, trained everyday with the aim to provide better and “cleaner” information to the user. Besides this, I deeply believe that a direct contact with Klimt02 change the way we look at the contemporary jewellery field and also teach us to work ethics, methods, good values and opens our horizons in the most diverse ways. As an intern I felt to have the freedom to suggest, discuss and propose ideas, making sure that they would be heard and taken into account. And when a company has the capacity to integrate and dedicate time to teaching someone, it only proves how it is always willing to improve and works as a live and useful dynamic. I highly recommend an internship at Klimt02!

Applications for internships are open throughout all the year. If you have any questions or want to apply, send an email to and we will discuss possibilities!