Open Call for Internship Positions 2023 at Klimt02

Open call  /  02 Jan 2023  -  31 Dec 2023
Published: 14.12.2021
Open Call for Internship Positions 2023 at Klimt02.
Leo Caballero
DEADLINE: 31/12/2023

Candidates must submit the following documents:

1- Brief CV.
2- A letter explaining the interest of making an internship at Klimt02.


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Klimt02 is offering students (Master or Bachelor degrees) or professionals the opportunity to undertake internships for a period of 4 to 6 months; the exact time will be agreed upon with the applicant.

The first selected candidates will start in February 2022, but other dates are open to discussion. Book your place!

Work at Klimt02 isn’t “bench work” and most of the time will be spent in front of a computer/thinking. For this role, it is very important to be aware of what is currently happening in the jewellery field, how the industry works, and also it is theoretical work. We work with databases, contact artists, discuss new ways of publication, and manage our social media accounts...

Department directors of the schools are welcome to contact us in order to establish an official and regular agreement.

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Internship at Klimt02 website
Under the guidance of the Content Director you will be required to:

_ Retrieve and structure information (via email), following the info fields of the Klimt02 database.
_ Research for more complete information to add to items (web & email).
_ Edit images, under the guidelines established for the website (using Photoshop).
_ Upload contents (using CRM).
_ Edit intro texts for the items (CRM).
_ Search for and implement elements relative to  Klimt02’s contents + tags for these items (CRM).
_ Check online the updated items throughout the process.
_ Email the Senior Content Editor to check once work is completed.
_ Email members/ contacts to check items.
_ Track the whole process.

_ The intern will also develop a personal project, research on a subject, exhibition curation... guided by Klimt02 directors.

Some previous projects:
> Segni sul volto: a journey through the project
> A Chronologic Vision of Contemporary Jewelry in China. From 1956 to 2020. A Research by Ray Zheng
> A Brief History of Contemporary Jewellery in Brazil. From 1950s to 2020. A research by Ana Bellagamba
> A Starter's Guide For (Soon To Be) Graduated Jewellery Designers. Part 1,2 and 3 by Annabel Goris

How to apply
Send an email to with the subject Internship application including the following information:
_ Letter of interest/intentions.
_ Brief CV detailing, studies, skills, and work experience.
_ Any information you consider of interest to consider your application.

>> Contact us for detailed information about the conditions and benefits of our internships