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Teamwork: Klimt02 Internships

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Published: 10.12.2014
Teamwork: Klimt02 Internships.
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Klimt02 internships are aimed for students at a master’s degree level. We offer positions focusing on different tasks: website content, publishing, audiovisuals or marketing. You can read a full description of the internships here but we thought the best way to explain what really happens here is to share what our interns have to say about the experience.

Bridgette from Australia looked overseas on her quest to develop skills, knowledge and experience as a creative practitioner and industry professional.
Bridgette: Graduation opened to the verge of the unknown - overwhelmed by possibilities yet often underwhelmed by opportunities.  Clinging to edges of the institutional safety blanket, I began my self-directed path toward becoming an established contemporary jeweller. As a result of my ambitious inquiries and applications, I was fortunate to be accepted for an internship position at Klimt02.

My role relates to research, publishing of website content and database management. As an emerging practitioner this opportunity has been beneficial, fostering international professional networks and connections with international audiences of contemporary jewellery. The publishing of website content requires research and continual communication with jewellers, galleries and institutions.  Whilst the gallery setting facilitates introductions with local and international members of the contemporary jewellery field: jewellers, collectives, teachers, creative directors and collectors.  This expansion of networks has initiated informed exchanges with established jewellers and industry professionals whilst encouraging the development of my artistic practice and professionalism. 

Klimt02 internships usually vary from 4 to 6 months, but this can be adjusted and individualized during the application process. For example, Hannah-May did a two month base camp training at the office in Barcelona and now finishes her internship with four months working on a distance from England.
Hannah-May: As I arrived in Barcelona late on a Monday night, the now real prospect of being an intern for an organisation that I have the utmost admiration for seemed fairly intimidating. What should I expect? Would I fit in with my limited knowledge of global contemporary jewellery? Would my initiative and keenness be enough? All those worries were for nothing. The welcome I received was more that of an old friend who had been away for a while.
The week officially started at 10am on Wednesday at the Gallery headquarters and after a sumptuously sunny stroll through the streets of Gracia, one of the many districts of Barcelona, I was introduced to Leo Caballero and Amador Bertomeu. First we discussed what their aim with Klimt02 was and they explained how I would fit into the operation for the next 6 months, only the first two of which I would spend in Barcelona seeing how everything worked. I was initially to go through stacks of books, catalogues and magazines and update their library both in the gallery and on the database. To some this may seem a twisted task, but I feel that I am receiving a second education on the history of a fascinating industry; some of the books and catalogues are limited prints or out of print completely so I would rarely if at all get a chance to see them and snoop their contents as I look for authors, editors and text contributors.

As Klimt02 covers a broad spectrum of topics it is possible to adjust an internship to specific interests. Alexandra from Portugal came to Barcelona with a focus on art jewellery and curating.
 Alexandra: An internship can certainly be a valid starting point to learn and investigate more about what interests you.  Beginning a career in jewellery curating has proven challenging, as sometimes there is (at least for now) little guidance on the subject.  Therefore, it was necessary to immerse myself in environments that would support and promote my skills in curating.  I felt that Klimt02 was the place to do that, which is proving to be true.  Klimt02 is a space that provides contents on jewellery today and is expanding my thoughts of curating jewellery through gallery and online platforms.  Apart from working with the website database, managing and editing contents, the Klimt02 experience is proving to be a lot more:  A welcoming environment for the exchange and debate of ideas, where your input is valued. I am confident that the experience will enrich my emerging career.  Needless to say, an experience abroad, even if in a neighbour country, is always very gratifying from a personal perspective.

Maria João Jerónimo, who started with as an intern, is now working as Social Media Editor for Klimt02.
Maria João Jerónimo: My internship at Klimt02 was focused in activities related to the Klimt02 Website and Community.  It was the first time I was involved in a major company and also the first time editing and producing contents for web. As intern I learned how to establish a professional contact with other companies and artists, what is needed and how to publish content online - learning also to work with the company’s database - and the importance of a constant improvement of our eye, trained everyday with the aim to provide better and “cleaner” information to the user. Besides this, I deeply believe that a directly contact with Klimt02 change the way we look at the contemporary jewellery field and also teach us work ethics, methods, good values and opens our horizons in the most diverse ways. As an intern I felt to have the freedom to suggest, discuss and propose ideas, making sure that they would be heard and taken into account. And when a company has the capacity to integrate and dedicate time to teaching someone, it only proves how it is always willing to improve and works as a live and useful dynamic. I highly recommend an internship at Klimt02!

Applications for internships are ongoing. If you have any questions or want to apply, send an email to and we will discuss possibilities!

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