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Published: 03.02.2019
Sofia Bjorkman, What Has the Bird Done. .
Sofia Bjorkman, What Has the Bird Done. 

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Jewelry artist Alice Floriano opened her Gallery on September 14, 2015, in Porto Alegre, Brazil, with the purpose of disseminating and promoting contemporary jewelry as an artistic movement and a cultural expression. 
The gallery presents both established artists and new talents from around the world, providing space and visibility for those who are initiating their careers and show consistent and promising work.  
On March 30, 2017, a new location was opened as an experiment in São Paulo, which lasted for 6 months. Starting in 2018, besides the permanent gallery in Porto Alegre, specific and itinerant actions were undertaken in São Paulo, Rio de Janeiro, and other Brazilian cities, thus expanding public access to this portable and extraordinary art, as yet little known.
At this moment the Gallery represents approximately 50 jewelry artists, and new names are constantly selected to be included in the catalogue.


Artist list

Kate Alterio, Maria Alves Lima, Juliana Bezerra, Chrysa Chatzikontantinidou, Marcia Cirne Lima, Nikki Coupee, Gözde Erdogan, Linnéa Eriksson, Geraldine Fenn, Cristina Filipe, Alice Floriano, Christine Jalio, Malene Kastalje, Akiko Kurihara, Alisa Letsius, Mia Maljojoki, Julia Obermaier, Anna Pervolaraki, Izabella Petrut, Renata Porto, Aurea Praga, Pernilla Qvist, Marcos Rosemberg, Daniella Saraya, Giulia Savino, Jina Seo, Marina Sheetikoff, Simeon Shomov, Carlos Silva, Diana Silva, Elena Simou, Jelizaveta Suska, Aisegul Telli, Tanel Veenre


Tuesday to Saturday 1 pm to 7 pm.

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Award giving  22 Feb 2019 - 22 Feb 2019  Artistar Jewels 2019 Contest Winners.
Exhibition  08 Nov 2018 - 12 Jan 2019  Quaquaversal by Marina Sheetikoff.
Workshop  06 Sep 2018 - 06 Jan 2018  Lisa Walker Workshop.
Exhibition  09 Aug 2017 - 30 Aug 2017  This way by Marina Sheetikoff.
Exhibition  20 Dec 2016 - 28 Feb 2016  Dádiva.
Alice Floriano, Juliana Bezerra, Aurea Praga, Christine Jalio, Yafit Ben, Renata Porto. 
Collective Exhibition  28 Sep 2016 - 28 Sep 2016  Rings.
Exhibition  05 Sep 2016 - 12 Sep 2016  The Television Necklace by Lisa Walker.
Workshop  26 Aug 2016 - 28 Aug 2016  Lust as Method Helena Johansson Lindell.
Exhibition  25 Aug 2016 - 25 Aug 2016  Synthetic Fruits and Transmuted Circles.
Group exhibition  16 Aug 2016 - 16 Aug 2016  Insects.
Exhibition  09 Aug 2016 - 15 Oct 2016  Por esse lado Marina Sheetikoff.
Exhibition  16 Jun 2016 - 10 Aug 2016  Homesick, Nikki Couppee.
Exhibition  13 Jun 2016 - 01 Aug 2019  Rizoma by Iris Eichenberg..
Exhibition  12 May 2016 - 12 Jun 2016  Mother’s Day.
Exhibition  04 Apr 2016 - 15 Jun 2016  On my way to the record shop - Mia Maljojoki..
Group exhibition  30 Mar 2016 - 05 Jan 2016  Inauguration of the Alice Floriano Gallery in São Paulo.
Malene Kastalje, Izabella Petrut, Daniella Saraya, Christine Jalio, Helena Johansson Lindell.
Group exhibition  25 Feb 2016 - 06 Apr 2016  Felicitas.
Carlos Silva, Catarina Silva, Cristina, Filipe, Diana Silva, Filomena Pereira de Sousa, Inês Nunes, Inês Telles, Juliana Bezerra, Miriam Castro, Nininha Guimarães do Santos, Telma Simões, Tereza Seabra. Curator - Alice Floriano.
Collective Exhibition  22 Feb 2016 - 03 Jan 2016  Cátalogo UM.
Group exhibition  15 Dec 2015 - 20 Feb 2015  Is this Jewelry?.
Group Exhibition, for Anamma Studio.
Exhibition  24 Sep 2015 - 10 Dec 2015  “What has the bird done?” Sofia Björkman.

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Catalogue:  Catalog UM. 2019
Alice Floriano photographed by Gustavo Vargas..
Alice Floriano photographed by Gustavo Vargas.

© By the author. Read Copyright.
Sofia Bjorkman, What Has the Bird Done, Gallery view. .
Sofia Bjorkman, What Has the Bird Done, Gallery view. 

© By the author. Read Copyright.
Sofia Bjorkman, What Has the Bird Done, Gallery view. .
Sofia Bjorkman, What Has the Bird Done, Gallery view. 

© By the author. Read Copyright.