Les Brucelles Asbl

Published: 24.03.2022
Les Brucelles Asbl.
Monica Bobbi

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Named after a small pair of pliers used in jewellery making, Les Brucelles asbl is a Brussels-based non-profit organisation founded in 2021 by a group of five passionate jewellery designers and a dynamic project manager.
The organisation aims to improve the visibility and the recognition of contemporary jewellery artists by promoting and presenting their work not only to art lovers, professionals, and cultural authorities but to the general public as well. By focusing on the multidisciplinary aspects of the practice, Les Brucelles asbl intends to carry out projects of social cohesion and to encourage cultural diversity. The Brussels Jewellery Week is their first international event, a dream project organized to highlight contemporary jewellery right in the heart of Europe, Brussels.

Brussels Jewellery Week (BJW) is an international event organised by the Brussels based non-profit organisation Les Brucelles asbl.
BJW aims to celebrate and showcase contemporary jewellery, a creative and innovative practice translating into an almost systematic desire for experimentation and a break from traditional jewellery codes.
MAD, Home of Creators, a contemporary place dedicated to art, fashion, and design in the heart of Brussels, will host the 2022 first edition. Over 100 designers from around the world are expected to be featured, while around the city galleries, jewellery schools, artists’ collectives, and independent studios will be part of an exciting tour to discover contemporary jewellery. Conferences, workshops, performances and much more will animate the 10 days event. 

The Team:
Monica Bobbi, Thomas Desdouits, Sandra Kleimberg, Brigitte Raoult, Petra Saelens, Pauline Grandjean.

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Exhibition  30 Apr 2022 - 08 May 2022  In Fieri: The Thin Line Between Being Made and Becoming.
Meeting  29 Apr 2022 - 08 May 2022  Brussels Jewellery Week 2022.
Fair  28 Apr 2022 - 08 May 2022  Bussels Jewellery Week 2022.
Open call  07 Oct 2021 - 01 Feb 2022  Open Call for Exhibition at Brussels Jewellery Week 2022.
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