PIN. Portuguese Association for Contemporary Jewellery

Published: 21.05.2024

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PIN is a non-profit cultural organization found in 2004 aimed at promoting contemporary jewellery, interchanges of ideas and experiences, and the development of theoretical and practical projects within the international and national art field.
In order to achieve its aims, PIN has set out plans:

- To promote training courses and other pedagogical activities;
- To organise conferences, seminars, masterclasses, artistic residencies and exhibitions;
- To undertake actions that appeal to new audiences;
- To set up partnerships and projects for artistic and cultural interchanges;
- To publish articles, books, catalogues and videos;
- To disseminate the work and activities of PIN members as well as others of interest, and to provide technical and consulting support.

In September 2004 PIN was born within the community of jewelers who, for a long time, longed for an association where they could create projects, develop exchanges and launch new platforms for a discipline that increasingly calls for encounters with other arts. Many of the people who dedicate their lives to jewellery, their study and teaching are present at PIN - Associação Portuguesa de Joalharia Contemporânea .

As a cultural association, PIN aims to promote contemporary jewelery, triggering on a collective basis the exchange of information and experiences, and the realization of theoretical and practical projects in the scope of the arts, with a special focus on jewelery.

Like a pin, PIN is concerned with the promotion of workshops, training activities and other activities of a pedagogical nature related to contemporary art and jewelery, with the organization of meetings, debates, seminars, artistic residencies, exhibitions and other cultural initiatives, national and international.

At the heart of what is the dissemination of its actions, PIN also wants to establish new audiences for contemporary jewelery, and also wants to establish and promote partnerships and exchange projects, particularly through national and international networks of cultural and artistic scope.

After 18 years of leadership by Cristina Filipe, one of the founders, PIN is, since early 2023 managed by a new team: Marta Costa Reis, Eugénia Quartin and Márcia Lima.
In 2024 PIN is organizing the 2nd Lisbon Contemporary Jewellery Biennial with the title “Madrugada” (Daybreak) dedicated to political jewellery and jewellery of power on the 50th anniversary of Portuguese Democracy.

PIN is a member of the Conselho Consultivo de Ourivesaria [Goldsmiths Consultative Council] and Imprensa Nacional–Casa da Moeda [the Portuguese Mint and Official Printing Office – Essay Office].

Honorary members of PIN:
Ar.Co – Centro de Arte e Comunicação Visual.
Designer Fernando Brízio.
Art historian and curator Rui Afonso Santos.
Jewellery artist, gallerist and professor Tereza Seabra.
Jewellery artist and professor Filomeno Pereira de Sousa.
Jewellery artist and gallerist Paula Crespo.
Full professor and art historian Gonçalo de Vasconcelos e Sousa.
Art historian Madalena Braz Teixeira.
Social Entities – Triennium 2020–2023
General Meeting
President: Madalena Braz Teixeira.
Secretary: Ana Albuquerque.
Secretary: Dulce Ferraz.
President: Marta Costa Reis.
Secretary: Márcia Lima.
Treasurer: Eugénia Quartin.
Fiscal Council:
President: Elisabete Ruivo.
Secretary: Isabel Ribeiro de Albuquerque.
Secretary: Filomeno Pereira de Sousa.

Events      View / hide events

Meeting  20 Jun 2024 - 30 Jun 2024  Madrugada. 2nd Lisbon Contemporary Jewellery Biennial 2024.
Lectures  26 Oct 2023 - 26 Oct 2023  Thursday Talks with Cristina Filipe.
Book presentation  21 Nov 2021 - 21 Nov 2021  How Many Is One by Deganit Stern-Schocken.
Lectures  20 Nov 2021 - 20 Nov 2021  Mask, Protection and Elegance. A Lecture by Denis Bruna.
Lectures  19 Nov 2021 - 19 Nov 2021  Jewellery Stories from the North. A Lecture by Nanna Melland.
Meeting  16 Sep 2021 - 20 Nov 2021  Cold Sweat, First Lisbon Contemporary Jewellery Biennial 2021.
Exhibition  16 Sep 2021 - 20 Nov 2021  Cold Sweat.
Exhibition  15 Sep 2021 - 08 Oct 2021  õhuLoss.
Workshop  11 Sep 2021 - 15 Sep 2021  Fear. A Masterclass by Christoph Zellweger.
Workshop  11 Sep 2021 - 15 Sep 2021  Protection. A Masterclass by Caroline Broadhead.
Meeting  25 Sep 2017 - 30 Nov 2017  Parcours Bijoux 2017.
Exhibition  23 Sep 2017 - 08 Oct 2017  PINAPARIS, Parcours Bijoux.
Exhibition  27 Jun 2017 - 22 Jul 2017  Twenty-Three, Contemporary Jewellery in Iberoamerica.
Exhibition  01 Sep 2014 - 30 Sep 2014  PIN 10 ANOS.
Exhibition  10 Sep 2013 - 04 Oct 2013  PIN 9th Anniversary.
Exhibition  10 Nov 2012 - 10 Nov 2012  PIN DESENHA ‘12.
Exhibition  28 Sep 2011 - 27 Nov 2011  PIN ANONIMUM, USELESS.
Meeting  01 Sep 2009 - 30 Nov 2009  PIN 5th Anniversary.
Exhibition  30 Oct 2006 - 25 Nov 2006  4 Points of Contact Between Lisbon and Rome.
Exhibition  21 Nov 2005 - 26 Nov 2005  Des+gn Mais.
Gallery Flow
Meeting  07 Jul 2005 - 10 Jul 2005  X Simposyum Ars Ornata Europeana Everywhere. No Where..
Meeting  13 May 2005 - 13 May 2005  PINSession, Mousse.

Publications      View / hide publications

Catalogue:  Jewellery Meets Illustration. Lisbon,  2014
Catalogue:  PIN ANONIMUM. Lisbon,  2011
Book:  4 Points of Contact Between Lisbon and Rome. Sabatini Scalmati, LuciaAGC and Cristina Filipe, PIN:  Rome,  2006
Catalogue:  Closer: Interventions araise the museum collection. PIN:  Lisbon,  2005