Adriana Lisowska

Published: 13.01.2022


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When I work, I give myself the freedom to choose the material, technique, and any other means so that they best serve the purpose of expressing the content of my message.
Adriana Lisowska Adriana Lisowska
81-611 -  Gdynia
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Adriana Lisowska lives and works in Gdynia, Poland. She has graduated from the Jewellery Design department of the Academy of Fine Arts in Łódź. She uses three-dimensional forms and photography to fit her artistic expression. One half of LIS² and owner of Gray Flamingo.


Jewelry is like a statement for me.

The very first contact with contemporary jewelry changed my understanding of the essence of jewelry at all, and the conclusions from this reevaluation became a kind of signpost for my artistic actions. Creating is like a conversation to me, thanks to it, I can communicate with others and with myself. It is a continuous puzzle-solving, analyzing issues, interpreting signs, absorbing, processing, and transferring energy—the continuous processes aimed at capturing an idea and closing it in the form of a jewelry piece.

When I work, I give myself the freedom to choose the material, technique, and any other means so that they best serve the purpose of expressing the content of my message. The material is not a determinant of value for me; therefore, I allow myself to use not only traditional materials but also those less associated with the art of jewelry. I strive to simplify as much as possible and minimize the final form. If I can give up something without harming the whole thing, I don't hesitate to do so.

The subjects for my art I take from all possible sources, most often from my surroundings. I react to events and try to define my attitude towards them, I organize my thoughts and translate them into the language of a jewelry object. The consciousness, which is based on the traditional understanding of jewelry as a purely utilitarian element, reveals its close ties with the body. This closeness is another value for me that I use to search for and give meaning. One of my favorite procedures is to use context. Sometimes even an ordinary decorative brooch, fastened to the lapel of a man's jacket, becomes an expression filled with essential content.

Jewelry provoking thoughts, evoking emotions that go beyond the aesthetic experience, and supporting the recipient in externalizing his or her own manifesto is of the biggest meaning to me.


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Award  18 Mar 2020 - 21 Mar 2020  Amberif Design Award 2020.
Award giving  09 Feb 2019 - 09 Feb 2019  Amberif Design Award 2019 Winners.
Meeting  26 Apr 2016 - 05 Jun 2016  Legnica International Jewellery Festival Silver 2016.
Award  16 Mar 2016 - 19 Mar 2016  Amberif Design Award 2016.
Award giving  13 Feb 2016 - 13 Feb 2016  Amberif Design Award 2016 Winners.
Exhibition  12 Dec 2015 - 31 Dec 2015  Natural, Mystical, Avant-garde.
Award  25 Mar 2015 - 28 Mar 2015  Amberif Design Award 2015.
Award giving  14 Feb 2015 - 14 Feb 2015  Amberif Design Award 2015 Winners.
Exhibition  22 Apr 2014 - 08 Jun 2014  Legnica Jewellery Festival Silver.
Exhibition  30 Apr 2013 - 30 Jun 2013  LIS2: Without decoration.