Cloris Yuchen Ding

Published: 31.01.2023


Based in Beijing and California, Cloris Yuchen Ding is a fine artist, jewelry artist, jewelry designer, and curator. Her art practice varies from large installations and fine art pieces to delicate wearable high jewelry pieces. Alumni of California College of the Arts, she is currently pursuing her master of fine arts degree at Rhode Island School of Design in Jewelry and Metal Arts.


By exploring human emotional connections through my designs, my work is characterized by a blend of traditional techniques and contemporary aesthetics, using a wide range of materials. It is an experiment on the connection between human emotions, memories, and the symbolism of jewelry. Each piece is a symbol of a specific emotion or memory, representing the beauty, and the fragility of human relationships. Through what I'm making, I hope to provoke a sense of self-reflection, intimacy, and connection in the viewer.

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Exhibition  09 Sep 2022 - 11 Sep 2022  Purifying The Soul. VONMO 3rd Contemporary Jewelry Exhibition.