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Published: 10.07.2022
Craig McIntosh Craig McIntosh


Growing up in Aotearoa, New Zealand Craig McIntosh was introduced to carving at an early age. Since 2000, he has exhibited extensively throughout New Zealand. From 2000-2004 Mcintosh took part in the annual Seibu Netsuke exhibitions in Tokyo Japan, in 2014 he was included in the "Wunderruma" exhibition curated by Karl Fritsch and Warwick Freeman to be Shown at Schmuck in Munich, Germany, and in the Dowse art museum, Lower Hutt, NZ.
In 2013, after 13 years of professional practice, McIntosh took the time to complete a master’s degree in fine art in which the focus of his enquiry employs a reversal of the traditional reductive approach to stone carving. His thesis acknowledged and asserted the importance of technology in creating context and meaning and by developing his own methodology of fabrication and construction with stone in a jewellery context he questions the relevance and currency of existing stone carving traditions in Aotearoa, New Zealand.
Since the completion of his masters with distinction, McIntosh has continued to exhibit his work both nationally and internationally. In 2016 he was the inaugural recipient of "Dame Doreen Blumhardts Gift" and in 2017 produced the major solo exhibition "Groundwork" For Objectspace, Auckland New Zealand.


When working with stone I take the perspective that I am in some way are some way working with land, or can be seen as working with place. Landscape is a human construct, it is the way we see and interpret the physical environment and topography is the method through which we analyze or survey the contours of the physical terrain. The division and breaking up of land into a system of human-made spaces has shaped environment and identities here in Aotearoa, New Zealand. So I guess in a very general way it is possible to say my work can be seen as a conversation about the framing of landscape, with its subjective relationship to land.

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Exhibition  03 Jul 2018 - 28 Jul 2018  Topography by Craig McIntosh.
Exhibition  21 May 2017 - 27 May 2017  Containment. The National in Auckland.
Exhibition  01 May 2015 - 31 May 2015  Stonecutting by Craig McIntosh and Joe Sheehan.

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Book:  WUNDERRÜMA. Hook and Sinker Publications:  Wellington,  2014