Eden Gedz

Published: 07.01.2021


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By using the technique of filigree, she presents the graduation work Requiem to appeal attention to the environment issue like Coral Bleaching.
Eden Gedz Eden Gedz

Eden studied Multidisciplinary B.A, majoring in goldsmith's work in Tel-Hai Academic College of Art in the north of Israel. In July 2019 she submitted the final project "Requiem". This project portrays the phenomenon known as "Coral Bleaching" - A stage in the dying of coral reefs around the world due to global warming. Copper, silver and enamel are the main materials in her work. After graduation, she started working as a jeweler in a studio of gold jewelry. At the same time, she is currently working on her first jewelry collection.


Nature is a significant source of inspiration for me. The shapes, colors, the relationships and complexity always thrill me. Unfortunately, mankind is good at destroying nature. There is the arrogant attitude as if nature is disconnected to us, humans. In fact, this is not so, we are an inseparable part of creation. There is a direct interaction in which we influence and are influenced. For me, art allows me to preserve and immortalize the nature in my own way.

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Exhibition  24 Oct 2019 - 27 Oct 2019  Artistar Jewels at Milano Jewelry Week 2019.