Elisabetta Nevola

Published: 02.10.2023
Elisabetta Nevola Elisabetta Nevola


Elisabetta Nevola lives and works in Padua. After her studies in tourism, she felt the desire to express the creative energy which has always characterized her. In 2012, driven by a long-time passion for the art of clay, she attends a ceramic workshop as a self-learner and falls in love with the magical nature of this material. Through several more professional courses taught by renowned ceramic artists and Italian masters, she improves her skills and learns the secrets of ceramic art.


One day, I found myself unexpectedly producing artistic jewelry. It was sudden, like being hit by intuition, and it happened like the most natural thing. I started investigating my idea of beauty even if I had never even thought about becoming an artist, nor attended any art school. That’s who I am – a self-learner. 
In 2012, I discovered the magic of clay and took the first step on my artistic path. This material allowed me to express my creativity and turn it into something tangible and profoundly real. 
I love porcelain because it is naturally beautiful. Its tactile and visual delicacy is effortless, its versatility infinite. I like looking for the perfect shape to express my emotions and getting lost in a world full of possibilities. It’s an unforced process driven by instinct. It’s my way to translate what I feel into what I create.

To me, porcelain is a unique and privileged expressive tool. 
My work stems from research on the innate characteristics of two materials: the strength of metal, and the lightness and plasticity of porcelain. Every jewel​ is an exaltation of these materials and their minimalist essence. Both strong and harmonious, my creations dynamically combine the different natures of metal and porcelain, offering a unique perspective on the art of contemporary jewelry. 
Some of my pieces are also
inspired by the lightness of clouds. I am fascinated by their fragile and transitory character, by their dual and ambivalent nature. My porcelain clouds are an attempt to give shape to the volatile beauty of clouds and fix it in time and space.

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