Fenghua Ye

Published: 03.02.2023


Fenghua Ye's jewellery adventure started with her undergraduate degree at the University of Hertfordshire from September 2016 to June 2019 during which she explored the old items rebirth in her final contemporary design jewellery project.

She then pursued a specialization in jewellery during her master's postgraduate studies at the University of Edinburgh from September 2019 to June 2021 during which she focused on the interactive concept. And practice this concept through her final design project. The artist also kept a passion for old items through research that materialized in her final dissertation to explore how to apply traditional Chinese Porcelain Culture in contemporary jewellery design.

Achievement - The collection of Power of Pastry was selected for some exhibitions, awards and nominations. For more details please see the link here:


After a few-years adventure trip in contemporary design. I believe jewellery can be made in any material and presented in any form. I have always been inspired by ordinary and neglected subjects in life. Sustainable, interactive, and geometric concepts are obviously presented in my designs and become my personal design style. I try to break the inherent identification of jewellery that jewellery should be made in precious metal and gemstones. Because I think jewellery is not only a static decoration but also an interactive way to communicate with different lifestyles as I am enjoying every lovely moment. Welcome to join my magical design adventure trip.

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Exhibition  07 Jun 2021 - 18 Jun 2021  Edinburgh College of Art. BA and MFA Degree Show 2021.