Francesca Marcenaro

Published: 24.08.2022


Francesca Marcenaro, jewellery artist based in London, passionate about the ancient art of Italy but also about technology and innovation, committed to the field of experimentation on different techniques and materials. After a past of twenty years as Family Lawyer in Italy she decided to give it up and to turn the passion of all her life in a job, and in 2010 she started to run her own business in London working for private customers, galleries and museums.


I make unusual pieces of jewellery, mixing different techniques, looking for organic and tactile results. I work with precious metals, precious and semi-precious stones and in the last two years, fascinated by the qualities of Titanium, I added this charming metal to my Collections. Since 2004 my signature is “Glass Granulation”, technique inspired by the ancient techniques of Granulation and Enamelling: I make granulation with glass granules that give an unique and soft sparkle to the surface of my pieces. Unmissable inspirations are Fairy Tales and Nature: all jewels are like Pieces of Nature that the Fairies collect from Nature to adorn themselves. I believe that jewellery must be always wearable and comfortable: a quality that also my bigger pieces have.

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Fair  27 Apr 2022 - 30 Apr 2022  MAD About Jewelry 2022.
Exhibition  03 Feb 2022 - 20 Mar 2022  VI Contemporary Goldsmithing and Jewelry Curated Exhibition.
Exhibition  20 Feb 2014 - 23 Feb 2014  Gioielli alternativi: ingegno e creatività indossabile.

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Book:  Resin Jewellery: Techniques & Projects Inspired by the History of Art, Craft and Jewellery. Clare JohnThree Gables Publishing:  2014