Josep Civit

Published: 07.06.2024


Born in the Horta district of Barcelona in 1927. He worked in goldsmithing from the age of fourteen, apprenticing in the workshop of Jeweler Emili Estrader for six years. He complemented his training alongside the sculptor Charles Collet. In 1948, he established himself independently, where he began shaping his designs and creations of designer jewelry.
He participated in solo and group exhibitions, both nationally and internationally, and was recognized and awarded various distinctions, notably being acknowledged as a Master Craftsman in 1986.


The jewel for me is essentially a small sculpture where plasticity and form come together, and, in addition, it can fulfill an ornamental and functional mission in the service of humanity. (...) When a piece of craftsmanship reaches the level of artwork, its value becomes naturally timeless. (...) In terms of substance, a jewel should not be conditioned by its appraisal (precious metals and gemstones) but rather by its artistic interest.

Civit's crafted pieces respond to two distinct criteria. On the one hand, there is the investigative jewel in which the artistic aspect takes on a greater role: unique pieces where he experiments with materials and techniques he deems valid as plastic objects. On the other hand, there is the jewelry produced as a serialized piece, more commercial, in which, despite the repetition of the modeling, the finishes are done manually to maintain the artisanal aspect of the craft.
/ Àngels Canut

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Exhibition  29 Nov 2023 - 22 Dec 2023  Josep Civit, Jewels, Objects and Paints.

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Book:  Josep Civit. Joies. Canut, M. Ángels; Civit, Josep; Samaranch, Mª LuisaSd Edicions:  Barcelona,  2005