Letizia Maggio

Published: 24.03.2020
Letizia Maggio. Pendant: #4, 2020. Photo print on canvas, silk, silver, brass.. 11.5 x 11.5 x 0.5. Photo by: Alice Brazzit. Letizia Maggio
Pendant: #4, 2020
Photo print on canvas, silk, silver, brass.
11.5 x 11.5 x 0.5
Photo by: Alice Brazzit
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Based in the North East of Italy, I graduated in English literature and started my career as a teacher. I have enjoyed teaching for years, while keeping an eye on contemporary jewelry which I was fond of. I fell in love with ceramics after attending a course run by talented Paola Paronetto. I wanted to learn more and more, so I attended courses and seminars at Pandora School and at La Meridiana International school of ceramics in Tuscany with well known studio potters. All I learnt was immediately transferred to jewelry making. My Limoges porcelain collections soon became quite successful but I wanted to learn some metalsmithing so I attended a six-month course in Padua. A workshop run by Gabi Veit on the lost wax technique finally led me to a turning point. Porcelain still is my favourite material, but at present, I’m enjoying continuous experimentation of new materials to use with metals.