Stefano Fronza

Published: 01.03.2022


Stefano Fronza lives and works in Trento, Italy.
In 1997 he graduated from the Art Institute Alessandro Vittoria in Trento - specializing in Art of Metals and Goldsmithing -
and in the same year he started working at his father’s goldsmith laboratory. He experienced two periods of study abroad: in 2000 at the Fachhochschule in Düsseldorf - where he got the chance to work with Peter Skubic, Elisabeth Holder and Herman Hermsen - and in 2001 at the Summer Academy of Fine Arts in Salzburg, where he studied Jewelry Design with Prof. Erico Nagai.

Since late 2001 he worked on the development of a two-year interdisciplinary project in The Netherlands. In 2004 he returned to Italy and got back to his activity in the family studio, meanwhile collaborating with Studio Marijke in Padua. Stefano Fronza’s exhibiting activities started in 2011 - his artworks have been displayed to the public at several events in Italy and abroad - and in 2019 he became a member of AGC - Associazione Gioiello Contemporaneo, starting to collaborate with it as site webmaster.


Stefano Fronza jewels' come to life for his sake of beauty.
They represent a continuous dialogue between vision and the most diverse materials, a challenge set for the goldsmith art to make them precious. A love relationship that keeps at a certain critical distance from the creating object, a space where to nurture the emotion, instilling renewed vividness. His most recent works originate from inspiration translated into a photographic shot, where the feeling of the moment turns into a search for colour: its core resides in the "creating by doing", a process by which instants made of lights and shadows get captured, translated, transformed and forged into jewels. Each creation can be considered complete only when it bears the original and well recognizable sign of his artistic style. First of all, the finished jewel has to give pleasure to him and then it has to be capable to dialogue with other sensibilities, because an artwork needs to be shared.

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Exhibition  05 May 2022 - 09 Jul 2022  Mesdames. Female portraits and contemporary features.
Exhibition  23 Jan 2016 - 01 Jun 2016  Skin. The surface of the jewel.

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