Yukie Shirakawa

Published: 31.05.2022


After graduating from Musashino Art University in Tokyo, Yukie studied at AFEDAP Formation (the jewellery training school) in Paris. Then she founded a fashion jewellery brand in 2009 which she continued to run until 2017. After that, in 2018 she began creating contemporary jewellery. She is currently based in Paris, France.
In France, people consider jewellery as primarily decorative. This makes creating contemporary jewellery a challenge. Art jewellery is particularly unique, as it seeks to bring together both a decorative sense and an artistic concept. Having spent a year creating contemporary jewellery, in 2019 I started making sculpture as creative research into shape and form. My sculpture influences my jewellery and vice versa. Presently, I only use metal as a material in my jewellery creation. Most of my pieces are inspired by nature, botanical shapes, fractal shapes and seashells, all of which contain infinite possibilities for inspiration. I strive to decipher the mystery of nature through my work.

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Exhibition  23 Jun 2020 - 12 Jul 2020  Friedrich Becker Prize 2020 Exhibition.
Award  23 Jun 2020 - 23 Jun 2020  Friedrich Becker Prize 2020.